Why Not To Worry About Max Payne 3

A couple weeks ago I was looking at the Game Informer poll asking if people were excited about Max Payne 3. Only a third of the community responded with a yes to the question. I’ll admit I was taken aback by the number of people who really had no interest. Max Payne is classic. How could no one be excited about another Max Payne?

This may be the Max Payne fanboy in me talking (definitely is), but as I looked through the comments in Max Payne articles there seemed to be some reasonable, but also unreasonable concerns. Among the unreasonable there was the notion that the game would be moving away from its original noir tone.

As most people who have been following the game, it will be set in Sao Paolo, Brazil filled with sunshine and palm trees. Now this is definitely a far cry from your typical rainy, bleak New York City background, but it’s not necessarily the setting that makes a noir. Noir is mainly about mood. A detective or some type of investigator, who finds himself deep in the local underbelly solving a crime he just can’t seem to solve. And at the end there’s always some kind of a twist.

Movies like Man On Fire had Denzel Washington going through the streets of Mexico in Broad daylight, but still with a dark, gritty atmosphere. And even noir originator, Raymond Chandler, had Phillip Marlowe running through the streets of Los Angeles doing the very same. So for those of you concerned about the new setting please don’t fret, everything will be fine. Rockstar still seems to understand that this game is a noir and has no intention of changing the tone.

Younger gamers or those who never played the game thought that it was somehow related to the God awful movie with Mark Wahlberg. While I still have to give props to Wahlberg as an actor (not in this film), the movie will never, ever represent the Max Payne character or story. There were no wild, flying valkyrie demons and Jim Bravura was an aging Chief of Police for the NYPD, not Ludacris.

There are some concerns that I can understand. With original developer, Remedy, no longer behind the game there really is no guarantee on how the direction of the game will be handled. But Rockstar is brilliant when it comes to writing game plots, even with the change in direction the new trailer gives me some hope for the story.

The one thing that does concern the hell out of me is how they plan on implementing the game play. Max Payne is an old game by current standards. The game came from an era without over the shoulder aiming and bullet-time used more than that butt-grooved cushion on your couch. The addition of cover still has me confused with Max Payne’s usual run and gun tactics. It may break up the action, but it doesn’t seem that useful still. I would need to see a straight game play trailer before I’m convinced of how well this game is going to play. The recent pop-up trailer explains some of these issues, but it’s not quite enough.

Look, Max Payne has been away for a long time and it’s not going to be very easy to look at it in today’s gaming world. But it’s also why I can’t wait to see it in action again. I do have my concerns like many of you, but after all of these years it’ll be nice to see an old gaming friend again. Let’s hope he hasn’t changed too much.


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