Defeating a Dragon Priest

Needless to say these undead holy men are a pain in the ass. You almost cringe when you hear their casket crack open. While they are a challenge the reward for defeating them is worth the tumultuous fight. Here are a few suggestions on how to hold your own with these draconic holy men.

Move Quickly

Stay on the move to avoid their attacks and decrease the amount of damage you take. Heavy fighters should equip armor that protects them from magic so you make an easy charge at the Priest and beat him back with a powerful melee weapon. Mages and archers should keep a good distance and run circles around the priest and fire your strongest ranged attack. Mages use the missle version of your ice, fire, and shock destruction spells and pelt the dragon priest until he bursts into flames.

Summon/Bring a friend

No matter what form of combat you’ve mastered having a distraction for the priest can give all the time you need to land as many blows as you wish. Summon a storm or flame atronach if you’re taking the magical route, or just the most powerful thing you can summon to the field. The Call of Valor Power also serves a great distraction against the priests. Having Hakon One-Eye beating the priest back creates a few open opportunities to take some pot shots with your bow. Or if you haave none of these at your command bring along a loyal follower to lend a hand.

Use your shouts.

Use any shout you think will be effective. Using Marked for Death will drain his armor and lifeforce allowing you to deal more damage. Fire or Frost breath can also cause some additional extra damage.  As with any other tough enemy take whatever potions are necessary to increase your chances of being the winner of the encounter. You’ll be in for in one hell of a fight but if you can manage it and use the right tactics you can take them down and claim those masks.


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