Poison Ivy: How To Win Against the Plant Woman (Catwoman)

On your first play through as Catwoman, you begin perched on a roof near Hugo Strange’s vault. Needless to say Catwoman is looking for an entrance and steal the loot. But she’s going to need to grab her equipment and hopefully get a helping hand from Poison Ivy. Follow the exclamation point placed on the map to get to Catwoman’s apartment. Once you land on the roof top of Catwoman’s apartment you’ll over hear a group of thugs talking below the grated patio. Open one of the doors on the cage to get a vantage on the group of thugs. Fighting this group we’ll take no time. A few well timed hits and counters later you’ll be able to head in to the apartment to grab your remaining equipment. Now it’s time to have a bit of a chit-chat with Poison Ivy.

1. Making the Approach

There are three guards posted outside the entrance of Poison Ivy’s lair, all of whom are armed. The best method is to try and take them out one by one quietly. Using ledge takedowns works too, but it draws the attention of the remaining guards. If you are taking them out silently, first start with taking out the guard patrolling the lower roof.  From the broken down highway, swing over to the ledge near the stack of boxes. As the lower roof guard passes behind the boxes, climb up from the ledge and use a silent takedown. The other two guards won’t notice a thing.

After taking out the first guard, you can proceed to takedown the other two in whatever order you see fit. Sneaking up on the guard the walkway can easily accomplished by jumping up to the underside of the walkway and climbing up when he walks back towards the entrance to Ivy’s lair.

From there, take out the last guard quietly from the ledge, or any other point, as no one else is around to hear his teeth getting kicked in. Now it’s time to go inside and face Ivy herself.

2. Floor by Floor Throwdown

Once you enter Ivy’s Lair and after a short cutscene you will be thrown into a multi-floor brawl. Ivy throws you floors of the building where you come across more of her zombified henchmen. On the first floor you’ll be facing off against four henchmen, six on the second and finally eight men on the third. The difficulty of each group will depend on your play difficulty. As soon as you take out the last enemy on the first two floors, jump to the ceiling and climb to the next floor. Ivy’s released a toxic gas that will damage and kill you if you don’t move fast enough.

After defeating the last enemy, you’ll be treated to a short cutscene and then back to the main story.


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