Borderlands 2 Trailer Makes Waiting That Much More Painful

The new Borderlands crew.

After months of depressing silence Gearbox brings the noise with a raucous new trailer for Borderlands 2. The trailer fleshes out the story and gives us an introduction to the new cast. The dual-wielding, tough-guy Salvador will be aided by Maya, presumably another siren, the soldier-esque Axton, and the sleek, swift moving ninja Zero.

Yes, I’m filling in the blanks, as the trailer doesn’t explain the other three classes, but judging from the different scenes it seems clear that Axton is replacing Roland, Zero replaces Mordecai and Maya takes over for Lilith. The new in-game screens gives us a moment to see how distinct the designs are for the “870 gajillion” guns you’ll be able to find (not all of them of course). I’m pleased at the unique design each gun features, with enhanced elemental weapons, geometric bullet chambers and gun designs so absurd, a terse description would still leave you lost on its appearance.

The trailer ends with the ever amusing Claptrap popping and locking like a boss, while also giving us a planned release date of September 18. While we all anxiously wait for that day, feel free to check out the trailer at the Borderlands 2 website by following the link below.!/media


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