Borderlands: Fuel Fued Bounty (Lucky Bounty Board Quest)

You can find this quest the Lucky Station Bounty Board. Some one is looking for you to destroy three fuel tanks located in different spots in the Dahl Headlands and cripple the supply for the bandits in the area. Time to hop in your vehicle and piss off some bandits.

Fuel Tank 1

The first fuel tank is located to the southwest at the abandoned race track. As you approach the office building near the entrance of the track, a swarm of crawler and desert scythid appear on the inside of the abandoned building. Head inside and start killing those nasty little buggers.

After clearing out the building, head through the back door into the fenced backyard where the tank is located. More scythid are guarding the tank. Keep an eye out for a bursting scythid, as well as keeping your distance when you kill him. Once all of the scythid are dead, destroy the first tank and move on to the next one.

Fuel Tank 2

Follow the marker north from the race track to find the second fuel tank.  It’s located in a small bandit encampment. The tank this time is guarded by a reasonably upset group bandits. Stay out side the entrance and draw your enemies out. A wave of psychos and burning psychos rush as you enter. Use your best close range weapons and melee attacks to fend them off.

Use this same technique to fend off the bandit raiders that also attack. You’ll be in for a heated fire-fight, so put your abilities to use. Take cover behind your vehicle if you’re low on health and have nowhere else to go.

Continue to take cover as you approach the entrance. Clear out the bandit (warning: he may start chucking grenades at you). From there destroy the second fuel tank found in the right corner. One more to go.

Fuel Tank 3

The final tank is located a short-ways south of your current bandit camp location. This time, you are taking on a much smaller bandit outpost. But that doesn’t mean they won’t spray you with a wall of hot lead as you approach.Burning psychos charge you, as bandit thugs pop off shots in your direction. Take these nuisances out as quickly as possible, as you’re going to need to focus on some tougher baddies.

Two bandit raiders will show up and lay down some heavy fire. Use a mix of your abilities and elemental weapons (incendiary works wonders). Use the rock formation in front of the outpost for cover if necessary. Once all of the bandits are dead you’ll find the tank tucked back in the left hand corner in the out post. Head back to Lucky’s bounty board and collect your reward.


-Money: $3844   -4800 EXP   -Grenade upgrade: Explosive MIRV


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