Second Chance: Star Wars-Empire at War

From what I remember I picked this game up sometime back in high school. The game attracted my attention mainly out of the fact that it featured two things I love: Star Wars and real-time strategy games. Star Wars: Empire at War followed your typical real-time strategy game guidelines. Protect your territory, take over your enemy’s territory, raise tech level and raise armies. Fairly simple to understand.  But after having an opportunity to play it once again, I’m starting to remember why I gave up on this game in the first place.

Multi-tasking is a down right pain to pin down. While this is a challenge for all RTS’s, Empire at War has implemented it into a far more intricate system. This is because the gaming space is can be held on a galactic scale in the Galactic Conquest mode. You have battles separated into land and space battles for each planet. The difficulty doesn’t stem from the fact that you have to worry about establishing space and land defenses, but the fact that you have to maintain them on several different planets in the expansive Star Wars universe. I found myself preparing armies in one section of the galaxy while neglecting others. It was only at the last moment as I heard, “Imperial fleet approaching”, did I realize the error I had made. Playing it again has brought back this same frustration. I’m not quite sure if it’s just LucasArts, since…well the rest of the game is pretty damn good.

A Skirmish mode allows you to play in land or space only skirmish battles. At this level the game allows for your typical base-building, tech upgrading enjoyment you would get from any other RTS. You can make quicker improvements to soldiers and vehicles, prepare your base and go to battle in a much quicker amount of time. Your chances of winning and self enjoyment will be satisfied, while still having some sort of challenge to the battle. But I’m starting to look for more challenges in my games and the Galactic Conquest mode is a mighty one to contend with. For those of you who don’t have the patience for all of that building, the Skirmish mode offers that quick fix.

Spending more time with the game hasn’t shifted my opinion too far from where it stood, but I have developed a taste for the challenge that it’s been providing me. Whether or not the immense multi-tasking difficulty was intended or not, I’m still pleased at the fact LucasArts was able to produce a viable Star Wars strategy game. If you’re looking to immerse yourself into the Star Wars universe, overcome the layered challenges and have the willpower to take over the galaxy then you may want to give this a chance once more like I have.


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