Batman Arkham City: Finding Freeze Pt. One

You’re once again placed into the hands of Batman. After a short cut scene in which the Joker confesses he’s infected Batman and all of Gotham with the Titan illness, you start off outside the Steel Mill factory. According to Joker the only one in Arkham City is Mr. Freeze. It’s to start looking for the popsicle man, and that cure.

Grapple up to a decent vantage point and situate yourself. You need to find the coldest spot in the city to find freeze. You’ll notice a temperature gauge will appear on the right side of the screen as you start. You want that gauge to get as cold as possible to find Freeze’s hideout. Once you get close enough you find out it’s the old GCPD building.

Making the Approach

Looks like Joker’s men made it first. There are five armed thugs in the area. Three are patrolling while two others attempt to break into the GCPD building. Of the patrolling guards one patrols the walkway, another patrols the area where the two guards are breaking in and the last guard watches over the left half of the building near the spotlight. You’ll want to take them out silently. Wait as the one goon walks underneath the archway (where the spotlight is on top of the roof) to the other side of the building then take him out. From there the other guard along the walk way should now be isolated on the far right side of the building. Move to him as quickly (and quietly) as possible. After dealing with him, take out the final guard. Wait until he isolates himself from the break-in thugs and then sneak up from behind and choke hold him Batman-style.

Now just grapple up to the walkway behind the remaining two guards, jump down, bash their skulls together and the area is clear. Use your new Remote Electrical Charge to open the metal garage door. Slide underneath and take an immediate right. Before heading in search the guard lying by the door and take the chip from his communicator. Your cryptographic amplifier will allow you to listen in to his conversations with his crew. Time to head inside.

Inside the GCPD

When you first enter you over here Penguin’s crew searching for something Mr. Freeze has. Probably the cure. That also means Freeze isn’t here. Regardless, you’re going to need to take them all out. The signal in this room is jammed. You won’t be able to see the thugs in the room. One thug is guarding each entrance, so taking the front door isn’t an option. Instead, grapple up to the separated walkway above. Once you’re up there head down the hallway away from the Riddler trophy. Open the grate at the end and sneak into the forensic lab where five of Penguin’s men patrol the floor, with guns. Move quickly as Penguin’s men are wearing heart monitors, so they’ll know when one of their own has been taken out. Begin by bringing the jerk jamming your signal to the floor. He shows up through the jammed haze of the detective mode as a red flashing warning sign and pulsating white circles. This will make finding the rest of the guards easier.

As they react to the first guard being knocked out the two patrolling will run to his aid. The two thugs guarding the entrance are most likely to become isolated so take them out next as they search for you. One wanders into the long hallway and isolates himself there. Move quickly and take him out before the others notice. From here you may want to freestyle how you take the rest out. It’s a big room so for them to become isolated isn’t very difficult. Put the vantage points to good use and hang the thugs with the inverted takedown. The last guard is going to require some interrogating. He explains that Penguin has kidnapped Freeze and is holding him in the museum. Knock him out and head for the exit. Before you can leave Penguin locks you in. Hop underneath the grated panel by the exit and enter the security office. Use the cryptographic amplifier on the panel in the office to shutdown the security system. It’s time to leave and head towards the Museum. Time to have a talk with Penguin.


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