Fable: Heroes Is…Different

I normally don’t get too concerned when a game series tries to alter its gameplay, but the newFable: Heroes now has me questioning one of my most beloved series.

According to Kotaku and other sites the game is a four-player brawling, party game. The game is expected to feature a Mario Party like board game set-up with a mix of cooperative and competitive play. While this sounds interesting and I love co-op games, the game could very well be the wrong turn that runs the series of the road, into a deep ravine. The cutesy look and a complete 180 in game mechanics is completely surprising after what I’ve come to expect from the series. Needless to say Fable: Journey has me concerned too, but that’s not why we’re hear.

The series had such a strong beginning. It brought a sense of choice and introduced us to the, surprisingly historically deep land of Albion. Fable II followed up with a more open world, improved gameplay and a new Victorian-Era setting, a time period not often used in a fantasy RPG. The third, while not mind blowing, still offered us the opportunity to experience what it would be like to make decisions as the leader of an entire nation. Now, we get a board game and the cuddliest little heroes I’ve ever seen. Not the Fable I know and have come to love.

Despite my current state of cynicism, the game could very well be entertaining. This could actually be a nice revamp for the party genre for all I know. The use of upgrades and hack n’ slash combat sounds could very well work out for this questionable game. Much like many strange, new things I’m going to have to experience for myself before I can pass any real judgement. Here’s to hoping it will, somewhat, surpass my expectations.


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