Revisiting Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

God I wish I could play Star Wars: The Old Republic. Various places to go and new professions to learn, it all seems so entertainingly over-whelming.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the computer hardware to process such a game, but in light of this predicament I’ve decided to revisit the games very first predecessor: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It may not have the immense amount of customization and depth as SWTOR, but after spending a few days playing the game again I’ve remembered why this game was beautiful and brilliant for a Star Wars game. While there have been many Star Wars games, even good Star Wars games before this, KOTOR brought us a refreshing look at a galaxy we’ve visited several times before.

One of the first things Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was introducing us to a long forgotten era in Star Wars canon. Set 3000 years before the original Star Wars trilogy, you find yourself in the midst of a violent war between the Jedi and the Sith. You soon find out you have the force flowing through you and begin the learning the ways of a jedi. Bioware brings the story of life by featuring new planets to explore and new characters you continue to add to your nine man party, some of whom you will become attached to. But the biggest success of KOTOR’s story is its twist about three-quarters of the way through. I won’t ruin it, but it is unquestionably worthy of Star Wars lore.

Bioware uses the d20 system from Dungeons and Dragons for KOTOR’s combat as it has with many of its games. The players fight it out in real-time, but still in a turn based manner. While its an interesting concept, the repeating and some what stiff manner of the characters can look pretty silly. It’s still entertaining and intense at times, allowing for some pretty entertaining battles, but nothing to get particularly excited about.

It may not be the mighty MMO that SWTOR has become but the story still remains a classic. From the first time I got my lightsaber, to meeting Jolee Bindo on Kashyyyk and discovering the stories dark secret, I felt like a true explorer of the galaxy. Even with the rigid character animations and combat, the game still demonstrates why it has been hailed as a one of the best RPGs ever made.


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