Batman: Arkham City Review

At least once in every person’s life they wanted to be a superhero. When video game developers finally decided to put these licenses to work our child hood dreams finally came true. But the team at Rocksteady has finally put us into the tights of the Dark Knight himself: Batman with Arkham Asylum. And now the sequel has taken it from being that persona to the bliss of embodying everything that’s cool about being Batman.

Batman: Arkham City begins a few years after Arkham Asylum. Hugo Strange has been able to take a portion of Gotham and turn the Asylum into a sprawling super prison. The now deteriorating city is completely open to exploration from the beginning and it’s worth delving into every back alley. Failing infrastructure, the massive build up of waste and snowy back drop has actually manages to make the rest of Gotham City seem like it’s full of flowers and sunshine. Rocksteady didn’t spare a single dark detail for the creation of the prison city.

The fluid combat system shines through with the timed use of attacking and counters. Countering moves can vicious, especially if you are next a wall or ledge for head bashing. While direct combat has its excitement, stealth has you terrorizing thugs from the dark. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a whole group of goons slowly becoming more terrified as you take them out one by one.

Side missions are rarely pointless, offering, if not worthwhile rewards, at least a fun glimpse at some of Batmans other nemesis’. Riddler, Zasz, Deadshot and several surprising ones that I won’t ruin on this post make their appearance as you fight your way to Strange.

To merely call this game great is an understatement. I’ve never found an action game, a superhero one at that, more enthralling and immersive than Arkham City. The game has some odd collision effects and a few glitches, but they are nothing more than tiny nuisances amongst the towering feats this game has been able to accomplish.


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