Resident Evil 5: Marshlands

If you thought traveling to the marshlands was dark and intense, well the bleak gray skies that hover over them isn’t particularly inviting either. Here’s how to get through them alive.

You land on a small patch of land with several tribal shields and masks surrounding a dead BSAA agent whom, by the looks of things, did not go quietly or peacefully. Next to the dead agent you’ll find the first of four slates you’ll need to unlock the next area. Pick up some of the treasure items and head out. It’s time to find the other three.

Warrior Slate

Head slightly north and then west, down the narrow waterway towards a small group of huts sitting in the midst of the marshes. Drive around the huts to reach the dock and get off your boat search the first few huts for items and ammo. As approach the hut in the northwest corner infected tribes men begin attacking you. Fight or run your way through them to get inside the hut. There you’ll find a chest that contains the warrior slate. With slate in hand either kill the remaining tribes people or run past them to return to the boat.

Raptor Slate

Now begin working your way east to another dock. Take a pit stop at the solitary hut across the way to fill up on supplies and find a few treasure items. The next dock area has a single raised hut surrounded by crocodile infested water.  The crocodiles are tough and dangerous foes with instant kill attacks so don’t waste your ammo fighting them. Run around them and avoid them at all costs. This may provoke an attack, but should they miss it will slow them down. Climb up to the hut and take out the four tribesman and work your way to a small hut nearby wear you’ll find the raptor slate. Head back to the boat, while still avoiding the crocs and head north to find the last slate.

Shaman Slate

Approach the northern most dock to find a village tucked away on the shore. Search the village for supplies and continue down the road an enclosed area. Here you’ll find two small towers in which you can assist jump Sheva up to.  In the first you’ll find a silver idol and the second the final slate. Don’t rejoice just, yet. A slew of the infected tribes man will begin attacking you. Kill the first five that enter the area. Once this group is taken out make a run for the boat. You can attempt to kill the next wave, but most of them are armored and one may unleash a deadly armored las plagas from his head. It’s probably just best to get the hell out of there.

With all four pieces of the slate in hand head west to the flashing point on your map. Once you get on shore head to the door and place each one into place and move to the next area of the chapter.


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