Resident Evil 5 Strategy: 4-2 Worship Area Guide

After making your miraculous escape from the flying bat-bug, you find yourself on the other side at the end of a long hallway. Time to keep moving. Walk up the path, after smashing a few jars to your left closer to the open area of the ruins. The path splits going straight ahead and to your right. Keep walking forward to find a door with three open circular slots. It looks like you’ll have to go key hunting once again.

Earth Emblem

Walk back and take the path that diverged right. As soon as you reach the turn at the other end angry villagers start putting a beautiful (and deadly) death-ray using the sun, to use. After the laser is fired off for the first time it was run across to the small hallway tucked behind the lone wall that will separate you from the lasers pathway. The diverged path way comes to a quick end and you’ll need to bolt across to the balcony jutting out. Wait for the next laser blast, to run to one of the small outlets on the wall across from you. If you get caught in its path, quickly press the action button that pops up on your screen to press against the wall.

A doorway at the end of the path leads you to safety as well as some more upset villagers. Fight through the hallway to the room with the burning totem. There you’ll find the Earth Emblem and even more angry villagers. Take these goons out and don’t forget the one shooting at you above the rooms entrance . Grab the tablet and head back to the central room, while still avoiding the active laser beam.

Sea Emblem

Place the tablet into the door and now head west from the emblem door. The other path is also guarded by a laser beam. Run to the doorway directly across from you when the laser beam shot is paused and you’ll find yourself in the second emblem room.

You’ll see another burning totem at the top of a small flight of stairs up to a ruined room. Head across the wood panel bridge and be prepared for a fight. Archers will rain explosive arrows down on you so keep moving or take cover when possible. Fight your way up the steps and take the tablet. As you head back down the steps more angry tribes man attack you led by one of the large head armored goons. If you have the bullets put your magnum to use. If not, stick with a shotgun, or another powerful weapon, to take him on. Or just run from him to the central room while fighting the rest of his men.

Once you’re back in the central room insert the Sea tablet into its rightful place. Now for the final emblem.

Sky Emblem

Head west once again, this time running further up the laser path. Much like the east wing run from inlet to inlet to reach the small path jutting from your left. You’ll find another path, which is also protected by the same laser that’s been harassing you. Plan your timing with this one since there aren’t many inlets to duck into.

At the other end you’ll reach a path running horizontally to your position. And guess what? There’s another laser blasting along it. Use careful timing once again, running west along the path. Safely at the other, you’ll find a dead end path with a couple of jars and a spot for an assist jump. Smash the jars on the path to find some supplies then head back to the gap and assist jump Sheva across.

Once she’s across villagers start attacking. Cover Sheva until she reaches the top of the steps and takes the last tablet. Another silver headed guardian attacks Sheva, who will ultimately lead him to you when she comes down. Kill him if you can, if you can’t run. Return to the central room and place the final emblem into the door.

Once the door opens, head up the steps to the large pair of doors. Shoot the diamond stuck above the doors, then head on through.

Pt. 2 Laser Beam Puzzle Tomorrow.


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