Resident Evil 5 Strategy: Worship Area Guide Pt. 2

Careful now...

After facing the treacherous trials of the Worship Room, this next one should offer a small respite from fighting. However, you’ll need to put your problem solving skills to work in this area.

Walk down the long flight of stairs to the gold door with the turquoise jewel and head on in. The room contains an intense beam of light coming down from a hole in the sealing, into a tall pedestal. The beam is reflected off of four movable mirrors, with another absorbing pedestal isolated in the upper left hand corner of the room. Heed Sheva’s warning about the beam. If you touch it, you will die.

To solve this room simply move the mirror nearest to the absorbing pedestal to the left to place the beam right into the absorbing pedestal. Turns out the floor around the pedestal acts as an elevator once you activate it and it’s time to head down to the second floor.

Second Floor

The second floor offers a slightly more difficult puzzle to solve. The absorbing pedestal is now located in the lower left hand corner of the room. First, begin with knocking down the pillar blocking the path of the beam.

Next, move the mirror that is reflecting the beam into the wall to the right. This will make the beam bounce off the mirror closest to the elevator you came down on as well as the mirror in the upper right hand corner of the room. Turn this mirror to the left at the one next to the pillar.

Knock this pillar down and the beam will make its connection with the absorbing pedestal. Time to take the platform down to the next floor.

Third Floor

The third floor ups the complexity even more. You have five mirror pedestals to work with a single chest in the room. Opening the chest, which is empty, will cause the two closed doors to open allowing for a swarm of angry mutant insects to attack you. Keep the chest closed if you want to avoid wasting bullets.

Begin by turning the last mirror the beam is hitting to the right. The beam will reflect into the mirror across from the one you turned. Turn this one to the right as well to the mirror closest to the source of the beam. Finally, turn this one to the right as well to complete the circuit. The two closed golden doors will open up for you to explore. They’re filled with treasure so it’s highly recommended you search them.

Now it’s time to leave. Moving the mirror in the center on its own will activate the absorption pedestal, but will leave you trapped by the sun beam perimeter. To finally solve the room and leave move the mirror pedestal closest to the beam source again, this time to the left. Then, adjust the central mirror to the right. Finally, turn the beam to the right and it will reflect down the hallway. Head on down to the last floor and the end of the chapter


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