[Guide] Batman: Arkham City-Finding the Frozen Cops In The Museum

Once you open the door with your remote batarang, head down the open passageway you just opened up. Use your cryptographic sequencer to unlock the next door to your left. Head down the hall until you reach a set of stairs leading you up to the next floor. Once there head through the door. At the other end of the hallway is a frozen archway leading to the Iceberg Lounge. Simply spray some explosive gel onto the ice and turn it into icicles.

Walk into the open room. The area is covered in mostly ice with a few areas of water. As soon as you enter the room, you notice the Penguin firing Mister Freeze’s gun at one cops from Precinct 13. He manages to freeze the cop and make a few taunting remarks towards Batman before running back to the iceberg lounge.

Head down to the ice, but walk lightly. The ice is not particularly thick, so it cracks as you walk across. Tread carefully to the frozen officer and break him out of the ice. After landing safely at the entrance of the room, the cop lets you know that two more members of his unit are in the room and frozen as well.

Tip-toe across the frozen floor to the water’s edge and look towards the right. You’ll see a floating platform hanging from the ceiling. Use a batarang to cut it down and then use the batclaw to drag it across to the water to you. Also, near-by is one of the first frozen cops.

You’ll see him off to your left by one of the pillars with the giant rings. Guess how you get over there? Walk onto the platform and aim your batclaw at the pillar adorned with massive rings. Fire at it and bring yourself closer to him. Once you’re close enough to him, break him free.

With him on the platform, latch onto one the rings hanging from the east wall. You’ll find the last cop in the room behind you on the small dock. Drag your way across the water to reach him. Break him out of the ice and all the cops in this room will be saved. They inform you that more members of their unit are being held hostage Penguin’s men and the birdman himself.

Time to go save them.


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