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[Strategy Guide]: Max Payne 2- Chapter 1 Elevator Doors

You begin outside in the parking lot of the warehouse. Check out the two vans in front of Max’s car for ammo and pills, then head towards the fence gate between the brick wall and the warehouse.

Take a left where the alley dead ends and you’ll find a door leading into the warehouse. Work your way through the boxes to find a cubicle where the desperate cries of a woman can be heard. Thankfully, it’s coming from the television placed in the cubicle. Hop up onto the nearby boxes, then jump across to the white box. Head across the rest of the box tops and you’ll an ingram placed at the end of it. Head back through the boxes to the door.

Before you can use the control pad the door slides open and a man in a cleaners outfit steps out. Max interrogates him and asks the cleaner to lead him to where the gunshots were heard. Now obviously the cleaner is one of the perps so you can either have him lead you to the door across the room or you can pop him in the head. If you perform the latter the two cleaners waiting in the next room will come in to kill you. Take them out and proceed through to the Ragnarok sign room.

Head through the door and on the otherside will be a set of steps. You’ll hear two guards talking to one another but if you hit the gas can at the very top of the steps you can blow them both a way. One may be a straggler, so finish him off if he’s still at the top of the steps. Work your way through the gun workshop to a room with a phone. Three messages are left on there, one of which is left from an old friend: Vladimir Lem. He’s quite acquainted with the workshop owner Annie Finn.

Head through the door way to your right into the hallway with lockers on your left. A door to your right will lead you real noises of a woman being beaten up by some cleaners. It’s Annie Finn and this isn’t going to end well for her. After her execution kill the two cleaner bastards in the room and grab the sawed-off shotgun on the table.

Two more cleaners come in to investigate the room. Plug two buckshots into each of these goons and take a right down the hallway to the door way. As you enter the room three more cleaners come through with shotguns. If you’ve built up your ingram ammo up to this point I would recommend going into bullet time and laying down a hail of gunfire on them. Search the lockers for ammo and pills, then head through the door the cleaners came through.

Head across the scaffolding to trigger a cutscene. Three cleaners are trying to escape, but once the elevator doors open Mona Sax walks out and kills each of the goons. Max is shocked and Mona makes a quick get a way. Take the elevator down to the next level and follow Mona.

Once you exit the elevator head into the warehouse room straight ahead. Cleaners are making their escape, but they’re still willing to shoot at you. Fire back at the escapees and follow them into the next room. Watch out as one cleaner attempts to run you down with a forklift. Shoot him as soon as he jumps from his rampaging machine. Once you head into the last room they attempt to run knock an entire shelf onto you. Use the shoot dodge to get out of the way and kill the two guards trying to make a break for it.

Head through the door and the mission is over. The rest of the cleaners reel off in their van as Max attempts to catch them. Fellow detective Winterson shows up in time to keep Payne from being run over. Time to have a talk with Chief Bravura.



[Strategy Guide] Kingdoms of Amalur: Rallying Cry Side Quest

You begin this quest after coming across a dead Warsworn mercenary.  Four Ettin Commanders need to be stopped, so be prepared for a heavy duty brawl with these big bastards.

Sul: Sul can be found along the southeast side of Dalenfarth. He’s assisted by an Ettin shaman and three wolves. If you have your Reckoning mode bar full this would be a good time to use it, alongside your favorite weapon.

Begin by taking out the wolves first then focusing on the shaman and Sul. Hop into the river to retreat from the battle then swim back to shore firing off rounds of magic or arrows. Rogues would do better by simply backstabbing Sul and killing the rest after or simply running away to your next target.

Amsir: This brute is found at the very southern tip of Dalenfarth. Swimming is the east way to get to him, so hop into the water and then head south. When you sloped coast get ready for Amsir and his two wolves. Once again take out the two wolves first so you can focus purely on Amsir. After he’s dead loot his body and it’s on to the next one.

Merog: Take the nearby trail and follow it until you reach the bridge heading north. Cross the bridge and you’ll find Merog. With him will be three wolves and one Ettin WarPriest. If somehow you have the Reckoning mode saved up use it to take out the War Priest. Once he’s been taken out move onto the wolves then Merog. Use dodging to prevent his attacks from hitting you.

Loot Merog for all he’s worth and it’s time to take out the final Ettin commander.

Duxtir: Swim north from the island you’re standing on and you’ll find Duxtir and his pet wolf. Swim ashore and duke it out with Duxtir. Follow the same strategy as the other Ettins and he’ll be dead in no time.

Now, simply fast travel to Shieldring Keep and talk to Idwold Freward to complete the task. You’ll receive a hefty payment for your Ettin slaying abilities.

Dragon Crown Still Coming To America

There is nothing worse than an interesting game being thrown into the cancellation pile. Thankfully the anticipated PS3 game Dragon’s Crown has been saved fro this terrible fate. Publisher Atlus has offered it’s assistance to make sure that the game will still become a reality.

Dragon’s Crown’s is another 2D action/RPG brawler. You can choose different classes and join up with some friends to kill some monsters access some loot. A game worth keeping around indeed.

Release dates and further gameplay specifics are still unknown, but at least we know it is still going to exist.



[News] Dishonored Trailer Takes You Off-guard

What originally was a teaser photo put out by Bethesda yesterday, has become an impressive CG trailer of Arkane Studios latest title Dishonored. News about the game has been rather quiet ever since its release. The trailer fleshes out main protagonist, Corvo, and how he he’s given his supernatural powers.

We also get a quick glimpse into the dark world in which it takes place in. The city of Dunwall is overrun by rats carrying a contagious and deadly plague. An evil regime has assassinated the previous Empress. Corvo, who is also the bodyguard to the Empress, is accused of the murder and now he’s looking to take revenge with his new found powers.

I’m just glad to finally hear more news about this in-depth game. Check out the trailer below to see for yourself.


Machinima YouTube account


Dragon’s Dogma Skill Videos Are Pretty Badass

I’ve been skeptical of Dragon’s Dogma ever since it was announced. This isn’t exactly the open world RPG isn’t a very common sight amongst Japanese video games, not to mention developer Capcom’s lack of experience with said genre.

But judging by the new skill videos posted at Capcom’s blog, Capcom Unity, the combat is looking to be incredibly unique for each class. The fighter’s skewer skill delivers a barrage of stabs to an opponent, the sorcerer can summon a massive maelstrom to envelope enemies and while the strider (an archer) fires a mass volley of arrows straight into the air only to have them rain down on to a hapless enemy. But if you want all around badassery, the ranger’s Flying Din skill fires an arrow that explodes on contact with the target, while also affecting enemies in the surrounding area as projectiles spray out after the explosion.

This game has finally caught my eye and is starting to show some of its potential. It may even prove positive for Japan’s experimentation with western game mechanics. Follow the link below to Capcom’s blog if you’re still not a believer.

[News] Demon Souls Servers Will Finally Be Shutdown In May

After a decent two and a half year run, From Software’s challenging spiritual predecessor to Dark Souls, Demon Souls, will finally have its multiplayer servers shutdown on May 31. But before the servers are discontinued Atlus will be altering the game World Tendency twice on May1 and May 16.the single player campaign will, of course, remain intact.

So for those who love dying in a game on a consistent basis with a friend, play the hell out of multi-player like there’s no tomorrow because pretty soon tomorrow is going to be May 31. Be sure leave helpful note for your buddy before he faces the Red Dragon and the servers shut down.

[News] New Max Payne 3 Trailer Shows The Evolution Of Bullet Time

Max Payne’s health may be declining due to the tragedies in his life, but the brooding detective still knows how to take down a group of bad guys in a hail of slow motion bullets.

Rockstar’s new video in their Design and Technology series is finally showing the improvements being made to Max’s signature Bullet Time. Much like previous Max Payne games, using bullet time will help you deal with overwhelming groups of enemies and land precise head shots on enemies. But now players will be given intense final Kill Cams, watching the lead bullet planting itself into the last enemy. Players can even adjust the speed as the bullet flies towards its intended target. Another addition to the slow-motion action are cinematic moments in which Max enters bullet time, making for some great action moments in a shooter. Watch the trailer for yourself as we all anticipate the May 15 release date for Xbox 360 and PS3, as well as the May 29 release for PC.


GameNewsOfficial YouTube page (video)

[Strategy Guide] Half-Life: Blast Pit Chapter

After your harrowing traversal through the ventilation system you come to the silo door controls. The scientist hiding out in the room gives you the already obvious details of the military’s treacherous actions. Hit the red button on the computer console and the silo doors will open. Walk down the hallway coming to a dead end. To your left there is a barrier made of wood panels and traffic cones. Take a grenade to the barrier and walk through.

You come to an open room with a bullsquid firing off corrosive balls of acid. Shoot him with the machine gun and then head up to the control area to open the elevator door. Before you can reach the controls a headcrab zombie breaks through the door fire a few shots to put the freak down. Hit the lever to bring the elevator up, then head down to the ladder to take the platform to the railway.

When you reach the bottom three houndeyes will begin attacking you. Take your shotgun and put them down before they can start teaming up with sound attacks. Hop on to the tram car and press forward to start the car. Continue pressing forward to increase your speed which is helpful when a bullsquid or the houndeye’s roaming the railway finds itself in your path. If you still find yourself on the car and going at full speed expect to smash through a cross blocks and then launched through the air into a pool of radiation. Or you can press back and hop off the train before taking damage from the pool. Kill the bullsquid across the way.

The best way to get across without suffering damage is by jumping from the tram car to the ledge. Jump to the next ledge and crawl underneath the vent shaft to reach the other side. Climb the ladder and traverse the pipes to the open hatch above one of them. Walk the short distance of the pipe and crawl out to a complex room of pipes and two irritated bullsquids. Kill the first as soon as you climb out of the pipe. Get on the pipe your in and hop over to the one in front of you. Head around the bend of the pipe and kill the second bullsquid in the acid pool below the pipe. From there jump to the balcony and collect the health and battery packs.

At the end of the hallway you come to yet another acid pit room with some aggressive bullsquids. Kill the two hanging around in the pit then head the pipe in front of you. Cross the pipe and jump to the slanted pipe leading to the platform in the center of the room. Take the elevator up and into the actual silo.

Prepare for a fight with several eyehounds and a couple bullsquids. Put your shotgun to good use on them. Walk around to the bridge leading to the silo entrance. Grab some health by the dead doctor tucked away in the side room of the silo. Shoot the eyehound between the two explosive canisters. Should the canisters explode just simply jump the gap. Kill the two headcrabs and walk into the door on the side of the silo, leading to a set of controls. Walk into the silo. You’ll witness a scientist being torn apart by a giant set of tentacles with an even bigger spike that would make Vlad the Impaler giddy.

Run across the room to dodge the attacking arms and make your way to another ladder. Beware the roof monster or be prepared to be dragged to your death. Climb the ladder and turn right into the hallway and pick up the grenades in the room. Now it’s time head in there and fend off that tentacled monster.

Resident Evil Now Drops In October, New Trailer Fleshes Out Story

Being hunted down by the undead and vicious mutants as they creep closer towards you is a generally unpleasant experience for most people. But Resident Evil 6 will now be clawing it’s way to us on October 6, making me anticipate all of those undead freaks coming our way.

In addition to the new release date, Capcom has also posted a new trailer, clearing up some of the more foggy story issues. Is Sherry Birkin the new girl? How does every character’s story intertwine with one another? Wesker has a SON!?? Who laid down with him to take his super human seed? Check out the video below and found out for yourselves my friends.

(Sorry about the subtitles; it was the only video I could find that would give me access without age verification.)


[LVIToHeathrowGaming YouTube page]

[Guide] Resident Evil 5: Chapter 5-3: Monarch Room Entrance


You begin at the end of a long hallway of the lab area. Walk to the end, where you walk out to an abandoned excavation site.

The exit out of this room lies across the chasm in the ruins. There’s only one problem: the bridge to get across is raised. Sheva points out that the controls could be inside the building off to your right. After investigating the door you find that it’s locked, but there is an entrance on the roof of the building that can be reached by taking a path created by the scaffolding and the ruins. The path can be reached by taking the elevator across from the building.

Now you have to decide who is going; send Sheva and protect her or vice-versa. Here’s what to do with each decision.

Sending Sheva:

Use your sniper rifle to support Sheva, as a group of climbing B.O.W.’s start crawling on to the scaffolding and out of the ruins. Sheva will run right to the ceiling entrance as quickly as possible, so don’t worry about her. As long as the B.O.W.’s being dealt damage Sheva will be fine.

Some of them will start crawling off the scaffolding to attack you. Start fighting back against them, as Sheva should finally be at the roof. Once she unlocks the door, fight your way to the entrance and pull the lever on the inside. If you have the magnum put it to good use on the remaining B.O.W.’s.

Going as Chris

If you decide to go take the best shotgun and machine gun with you to fend off the B.O.W’s. Take the same strategy as Sheva and run towards the roof entrance paying little heed to the B.O.W.’s. Should one of them get in your path, give them a healthy shotgun blast to send them reeling.

Head towards the roof entrance and unlock the door for Sheva, then pull the lever to bring down the bridge. Clear any of the remaining B.O.W’s from the room or you can simply make a run for it.

Now head across the bridge and get ready for a show down.

Facing Off Against Wesker

You enter the room to find Excella standing there taunting Chris and Sheva. After the short exchange the masked begins attacking you. She retreats back to the room and Wesker decides to finally make his debut. Wesker revels in the odd reunion and finally exposes the masked figure: Jill Valentine. What’s even worse is her and Wesker are looking for a fight.

As the battle begins, Wesker mentions he only needs seven minutes. That’s exactly how long you need to last in this fight. Oh and another heads up: DON’T SHOOT JILL. She may be attacking you, but the last thing Chris would want is a dead friend.

Wesker can dodge your bullets, so instead of attacking him directly try to get behind to land some hits. Wesker will get distracted by Sheva at times so take the moment to plant a few bullets in his back.

Once you’ve caused enough damage to Wesker he’ll grab you and toss you through a stone tablet, which also houses a set of stairs to the second floor. Run up there and use the narrow corridors to hide and sneak attack Wesker.

Don’t forget to break barrels and jars to replenish herbs and ammo.

Just keep up the fight the seven minutes are up. Wesker has had his fun with you and intends to leave you to Jill. Jill knocks both Sheva and Chris to the ground. Chris reaches out to her to help her remember. For a slim moment she’s able to break through, but after a simple press of a button Wesker brings her back under control. In a fit of rage Jill opens her shirt to expose a red glowing orb on her chest.

Fighting Jill

You have to remove the device on Jill’s chest to win this battle. Limit shooting at Jill to when she’s close enough to get a good shot at the device. You’ll actually want to take the hand-to-hand combat strategy this time.

Taking her on up close is a little more difficult, so try and lure into the narrow hallways of the second level. Wait for her to get close and attempt to restrain her, while Sheva fires off a few rounds at the device. You can also trap Jill between the two of you allowing Sheva to restrain her. Start tearing off the emblem as quickly as possible. You’ll have to do this multiple time. Simply continue flanking her and moving in close to restrain her and you’ll tear it off her chest in no time.

Jill is saved, but Wesker still needs to be dealt with.