[Guide] Resident Evil 5: Chapter 5-3: Monarch Room Entrance

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You begin at the end of a long hallway of the lab area. Walk to the end, where you walk out to an abandoned excavation site.

The exit out of this room lies across the chasm in the ruins. There’s only one problem: the bridge to get across is raised. Sheva points out that the controls could be inside the building off to your right. After investigating the door you find that it’s locked, but there is an entrance on the roof of the building that can be reached by taking a path created by the scaffolding and the ruins. The path can be reached by taking the elevator across from the building.

Now you have to decide who is going; send Sheva and protect her or vice-versa. Here’s what to do with each decision.

Sending Sheva:

Use your sniper rifle to support Sheva, as a group of climbing B.O.W.’s start crawling on to the scaffolding and out of the ruins. Sheva will run right to the ceiling entrance as quickly as possible, so don’t worry about her. As long as the B.O.W.’s being dealt damage Sheva will be fine.

Some of them will start crawling off the scaffolding to attack you. Start fighting back against them, as Sheva should finally be at the roof. Once she unlocks the door, fight your way to the entrance and pull the lever on the inside. If you have the magnum put it to good use on the remaining B.O.W.’s.

Going as Chris

If you decide to go take the best shotgun and machine gun with you to fend off the B.O.W’s. Take the same strategy as Sheva and run towards the roof entrance paying little heed to the B.O.W.’s. Should one of them get in your path, give them a healthy shotgun blast to send them reeling.

Head towards the roof entrance and unlock the door for Sheva, then pull the lever to bring down the bridge. Clear any of the remaining B.O.W’s from the room or you can simply make a run for it.

Now head across the bridge and get ready for a show down.

Facing Off Against Wesker

You enter the room to find Excella standing there taunting Chris and Sheva. After the short exchange the masked begins attacking you. She retreats back to the room and Wesker decides to finally make his debut. Wesker revels in the odd reunion and finally exposes the masked figure: Jill Valentine. What’s even worse is her and Wesker are looking for a fight.

As the battle begins, Wesker mentions he only needs seven minutes. That’s exactly how long you need to last in this fight. Oh and another heads up: DON’T SHOOT JILL. She may be attacking you, but the last thing Chris would want is a dead friend.

Wesker can dodge your bullets, so instead of attacking him directly try to get behind to land some hits. Wesker will get distracted by Sheva at times so take the moment to plant a few bullets in his back.

Once you’ve caused enough damage to Wesker he’ll grab you and toss you through a stone tablet, which also houses a set of stairs to the second floor. Run up there and use the narrow corridors to hide and sneak attack Wesker.

Don’t forget to break barrels and jars to replenish herbs and ammo.

Just keep up the fight the seven minutes are up. Wesker has had his fun with you and intends to leave you to Jill. Jill knocks both Sheva and Chris to the ground. Chris reaches out to her to help her remember. For a slim moment she’s able to break through, but after a simple press of a button Wesker brings her back under control. In a fit of rage Jill opens her shirt to expose a red glowing orb on her chest.

Fighting Jill

You have to remove the device on Jill’s chest to win this battle. Limit shooting at Jill to when she’s close enough to get a good shot at the device. You’ll actually want to take the hand-to-hand combat strategy this time.

Taking her on up close is a little more difficult, so try and lure into the narrow hallways of the second level. Wait for her to get close and attempt to restrain her, while Sheva fires off a few rounds at the device. You can also trap Jill between the two of you allowing Sheva to restrain her. Start tearing off the emblem as quickly as possible. You’ll have to do this multiple time. Simply continue flanking her and moving in close to restrain her and you’ll tear it off her chest in no time.

Jill is saved, but Wesker still needs to be dealt with.


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