[Strategy Guide] Half-Life: Blast Pit Chapter

After your harrowing traversal through the ventilation system you come to the silo door controls. The scientist hiding out in the room gives you the already obvious details of the military’s treacherous actions. Hit the red button on the computer console and the silo doors will open. Walk down the hallway coming to a dead end. To your left there is a barrier made of wood panels and traffic cones. Take a grenade to the barrier and walk through.

You come to an open room with a bullsquid firing off corrosive balls of acid. Shoot him with the machine gun and then head up to the control area to open the elevator door. Before you can reach the controls a headcrab zombie breaks through the door fire a few shots to put the freak down. Hit the lever to bring the elevator up, then head down to the ladder to take the platform to the railway.

When you reach the bottom three houndeyes will begin attacking you. Take your shotgun and put them down before they can start teaming up with sound attacks. Hop on to the tram car and press forward to start the car. Continue pressing forward to increase your speed which is helpful when a bullsquid or the houndeye’s roaming the railway finds itself in your path. If you still find yourself on the car and going at full speed expect to smash through a cross blocks and then launched through the air into a pool of radiation. Or you can press back and hop off the train before taking damage from the pool. Kill the bullsquid across the way.

The best way to get across without suffering damage is by jumping from the tram car to the ledge. Jump to the next ledge and crawl underneath the vent shaft to reach the other side. Climb the ladder and traverse the pipes to the open hatch above one of them. Walk the short distance of the pipe and crawl out to a complex room of pipes and two irritated bullsquids. Kill the first as soon as you climb out of the pipe. Get on the pipe your in and hop over to the one in front of you. Head around the bend of the pipe and kill the second bullsquid in the acid pool below the pipe. From there jump to the balcony and collect the health and battery packs.

At the end of the hallway you come to yet another acid pit room with some aggressive bullsquids. Kill the two hanging around in the pit then head the pipe in front of you. Cross the pipe and jump to the slanted pipe leading to the platform in the center of the room. Take the elevator up and into the actual silo.

Prepare for a fight with several eyehounds and a couple bullsquids. Put your shotgun to good use on them. Walk around to the bridge leading to the silo entrance. Grab some health by the dead doctor tucked away in the side room of the silo. Shoot the eyehound between the two explosive canisters. Should the canisters explode just simply jump the gap. Kill the two headcrabs and walk into the door on the side of the silo, leading to a set of controls. Walk into the silo. You’ll witness a scientist being torn apart by a giant set of tentacles with an even bigger spike that would make Vlad the Impaler giddy.

Run across the room to dodge the attacking arms and make your way to another ladder. Beware the roof monster or be prepared to be dragged to your death. Climb the ladder and turn right into the hallway and pick up the grenades in the room. Now it’s time head in there and fend off that tentacled monster.


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