Dragon’s Dogma Skill Videos Are Pretty Badass

I’ve been skeptical of Dragon’s Dogma ever since it was announced. This isn’t exactly the open world RPG isn’t a very common sight amongst Japanese video games, not to mention developer Capcom’s lack of experience with said genre.

But judging by the new skill videos posted at Capcom’s blog, Capcom Unity, the combat is looking to be incredibly unique for each class. The fighter’s skewer skill delivers a barrage of stabs to an opponent, the sorcerer can summon a massive maelstrom to envelope enemies and while the strider (an archer) fires a mass volley of arrows straight into the air only to have them rain down on to a hapless enemy. But if you want all around badassery, the ranger’s Flying Din skill fires an arrow that explodes on contact with the target, while also affecting enemies in the surrounding area as projectiles spray out after the explosion.

This game has finally caught my eye and is starting to show some of its potential. It may even prove positive for Japan’s experimentation with western game mechanics. Follow the link below to Capcom’s blog if you’re still not a believer.



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