[Strategy Guide] Kingdoms of Amalur: Rallying Cry Side Quest

You begin this quest after coming across a dead Warsworn mercenary.  Four Ettin Commanders need to be stopped, so be prepared for a heavy duty brawl with these big bastards.

Sul: Sul can be found along the southeast side of Dalenfarth. He’s assisted by an Ettin shaman and three wolves. If you have your Reckoning mode bar full this would be a good time to use it, alongside your favorite weapon.

Begin by taking out the wolves first then focusing on the shaman and Sul. Hop into the river to retreat from the battle then swim back to shore firing off rounds of magic or arrows. Rogues would do better by simply backstabbing Sul and killing the rest after or simply running away to your next target.

Amsir: This brute is found at the very southern tip of Dalenfarth. Swimming is the east way to get to him, so hop into the water and then head south. When you sloped coast get ready for Amsir and his two wolves. Once again take out the two wolves first so you can focus purely on Amsir. After he’s dead loot his body and it’s on to the next one.

Merog: Take the nearby trail and follow it until you reach the bridge heading north. Cross the bridge and you’ll find Merog. With him will be three wolves and one Ettin WarPriest. If somehow you have the Reckoning mode saved up use it to take out the War Priest. Once he’s been taken out move onto the wolves then Merog. Use dodging to prevent his attacks from hitting you.

Loot Merog for all he’s worth and it’s time to take out the final Ettin commander.

Duxtir: Swim north from the island you’re standing on and you’ll find Duxtir and his pet wolf. Swim ashore and duke it out with Duxtir. Follow the same strategy as the other Ettins and he’ll be dead in no time.

Now, simply fast travel to Shieldring Keep and talk to Idwold Freward to complete the task. You’ll receive a hefty payment for your Ettin slaying abilities.


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