[Strategy Guide]: Max Payne 2- Chapter 1 Elevator Doors

You begin outside in the parking lot of the warehouse. Check out the two vans in front of Max’s car for ammo and pills, then head towards the fence gate between the brick wall and the warehouse.

Take a left where the alley dead ends and you’ll find a door leading into the warehouse. Work your way through the boxes to find a cubicle where the desperate cries of a woman can be heard. Thankfully, it’s coming from the television placed in the cubicle. Hop up onto the nearby boxes, then jump across to the white box. Head across the rest of the box tops and you’ll an ingram placed at the end of it. Head back through the boxes to the door.

Before you can use the control pad the door slides open and a man in a cleaners outfit steps out. Max interrogates him and asks the cleaner to lead him to where the gunshots were heard. Now obviously the cleaner is one of the perps so you can either have him lead you to the door across the room or you can pop him in the head. If you perform the latter the two cleaners waiting in the next room will come in to kill you. Take them out and proceed through to the Ragnarok sign room.

Head through the door and on the otherside will be a set of steps. You’ll hear two guards talking to one another but if you hit the gas can at the very top of the steps you can blow them both a way. One may be a straggler, so finish him off if he’s still at the top of the steps. Work your way through the gun workshop to a room with a phone. Three messages are left on there, one of which is left from an old friend: Vladimir Lem. He’s quite acquainted with the workshop owner Annie Finn.

Head through the door way to your right into the hallway with lockers on your left. A door to your right will lead you real noises of a woman being beaten up by some cleaners. It’s Annie Finn and this isn’t going to end well for her. After her execution kill the two cleaner bastards in the room and grab the sawed-off shotgun on the table.

Two more cleaners come in to investigate the room. Plug two buckshots into each of these goons and take a right down the hallway to the door way. As you enter the room three more cleaners come through with shotguns. If you’ve built up your ingram ammo up to this point I would recommend going into bullet time and laying down a hail of gunfire on them. Search the lockers for ammo and pills, then head through the door the cleaners came through.

Head across the scaffolding to trigger a cutscene. Three cleaners are trying to escape, but once the elevator doors open Mona Sax walks out and kills each of the goons. Max is shocked and Mona makes a quick get a way. Take the elevator down to the next level and follow Mona.

Once you exit the elevator head into the warehouse room straight ahead. Cleaners are making their escape, but they’re still willing to shoot at you. Fire back at the escapees and follow them into the next room. Watch out as one cleaner attempts to run you down with a forklift. Shoot him as soon as he jumps from his rampaging machine. Once you head into the last room they attempt to run knock an entire shelf onto you. Use the shoot dodge to get out of the way and kill the two guards trying to make a break for it.

Head through the door and the mission is over. The rest of the cleaners reel off in their van as Max attempts to catch them. Fellow detective Winterson shows up in time to keep Payne from being run over. Time to have a talk with Chief Bravura.

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