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[Strategy Guide] Max Payne 3-Chapter I Golden Gun Parts

The first levels golden gun is the PT92, Max’s old reliable. Here’s how to make him even more loyal.

Golden Part #1 Location:

The first part is located outside the entrance to the living room where you have your first encounter. It will be located in between the twin doors and the elevator om the opposite side of the entrance.

Golden Part #2 Location:

Head into the apartment and you’ll find this part located behind the fire place in the living room.

Golden Part #3 Location:

This part is tucked away in the garage. After getting through the first gate the part will be in the corner in parking space B01.

Now, you can fill bad guys with a 21-round clip along with more power behind each bullet. Congrats!

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A Lack In Posting

Dear Readers (though I may not have many yet),

I apologize for the lack of posting, but I’ve been quite busy with job searching and just as busy with the one I have now. This has driven me into a bit of a funk as well.

But enough with the excuses. I’ll be posting new stuff this afternoon along with some articles I’ve written for the small website I work for, Non-Fiction Gaming. I’ll also be cross promoting the my work on both sites soon so you’ll be able to find both very easily.

Stay tuned there will plenty more news,reviews and strategy guides to come to sate your gaming hunger.

-Steve K

Max Payne 3 First Impressions

Everyone knows what it’s like to have a close friend be away for years at a time. When their gone you may not think much about them at first, but as their name comes up you find yourself wondering how they’re doing and when they’ll be coming back. And when they do you hope they’re doing well. I got the same feeling when it came to Max Payne 3.

Gone for years, but now he’s back and doing better than ever. Well, as far as the game goes. As for the character himself, he couldn’t be in worse shape. The very first scene shows how deep into the painkiller and alcohol addiction hole Max has dug himself into.

It’s been awhile since an action game has drawn me in this much. It isn’t a perfect gem but it still glistens beautifully in the light. The story is engaging enough on its own. Max has gotten pretty grim, but somehow manages to offer bit more humor to his inner monologue.

The action…holy shit, the action. The shooting is surprisingly fluid and incorporating bullet time onto mix only makes it smoother. The over the top cinematic moments make bullet time even more entertaining. Checkpoints could be better though.

Need to dig into this more. Looking forward to the odd story twist and ending to this dark game. It’s definitely good to have you back buddy.

I’ll have more in a full review later.

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[Strategy Guide] Max Payne 2 Strategy Part 1: Chapter 2-Criminal Mastermind

You start out in a brick room in the under construction Vodka Restaurant. Vlad announces Max’s arrival to the attacking mobsters in the hopes to scare them. Search the hallway to the right to find some painkillers then head up stairs.

Two mobsters kill a Russian before he can escape. There’s a third who is hiding in Vlad’s office. Jump into bullet-time and wipe out all three.  Enter the office for pills and Vlad calming his girlfriend over the phone line. Hit the mic for fun if you want to have a back and forth over the PA with Vlad. Time to save him.

Head out of the office and head up the next flight of steps. A mobster will run down, so kill him and reach the door. There you’ll meet two bad guys being mowed down by a Kalashnakov wielding man named Cowboy Mike. Mike soon offers his services. Continue heading up the stairs and you’ll find several men left from Mikes wake. Walk across the room to the hallway to find some mobsters rummaging through some weapons. Use a shotgun to wipe them out in several swift strokes and take the plethora of ammo and pills.

Work your way through the shelves and head down the hallway. As you head around the corner two mobsters spot you through the door. They slam it shut before you can land a shot. Take the nearby flight of stairs up and get ready for one of the bad guys to come through. Shoot him and then head to the next room guns blazing.

There’s going to be three more mobsters in this wide open room that need to be taken care of. Pick up their ammo and the pills on the wall before you head into the stairwell room. A guy wielding his own kalashnakov will be ready on the other side. Hit him with a couple of shotgun blasts then switch to your pistols. If Mike is still with you he’ll take care of the other fool on the stairs. One more is shooting up from the bottom. Spray him with some ingram shots and he’ll be done.

Head down the stairs to reach the yellow door. A mobster with a double barrel will be behind it so pull your trigger before he can pull his. Head through the next few doors into the hallway with two goons kill them or you’ll make yourself an easy target. Open the cabinet at the other end of the room for some pills and ammo.

Head into the door on the left from where you’re standing. It will open up to a second floor ledge looking down on an open first floor. A group of about five mobsters will open fire on you. Return the favor with a hail of bullets from a pair of ingrams. Hop down after all of them are dead and head toward the only double doors leading out.

Wipe out the mobsters on the floor then keep your eyes pointed up to the second floor ledges. Mobsters will start shooting from above. Use bullet-time and continue using those ingrams if you’ve got the ammo. It won’t be easy spotting all of them so keep your eyes up. After killing the last mobster a short  cutscene will start introducing us to Vinnie Gognitti and Vladimir Lem. Max reassures Vlad that he’ll be there to help.

When the cutscene ends a group of three mobsters will burst through the door on your left from the wood board wall. Kill them quickly (hopefully with some help from Mike if he’s still alive) then head into the room. Head down the ramp across the room to start a final cutscene and the end of the level. Sit back and enjoy the graphic novel sequence that follows.

Cover Of New Max Payne Comic Looks Badass, Aptly Titled

Man, Rockstar really knows how to make the Max Payne fanboy in me all giddy.

Today, Rockstar and Marvel announced the release date for the first issue of the Max Payne 3 comic book series. Coming this Thursday, the aptly titled After the Fall will bridge the gap between Max Payne 2 and 3. The story will bring together the dark characters and story lines from all three games. Certain parts will also explore Max’s early beginnings giving us a deeper look at the gritty detective.

Rockstar will have it available at their Rockstar Newswire site and the  Max Payne 3 official site. It can also be found at other digital comic site on the internet.

Getting to the 3rd feels like bullet-time.