Max Payne 3 First Impressions

Everyone knows what it’s like to have a close friend be away for years at a time. When their gone you may not think much about them at first, but as their name comes up you find yourself wondering how they’re doing and when they’ll be coming back. And when they do you hope they’re doing well. I got the same feeling when it came to Max Payne 3.

Gone for years, but now he’s back and doing better than ever. Well, as far as the game goes. As for the character himself, he couldn’t be in worse shape. The very first scene shows how deep into the painkiller and alcohol addiction hole Max has dug himself into.

It’s been awhile since an action game has drawn me in this much. It isn’t a perfect gem but it still glistens beautifully in the light. The story is engaging enough on its own. Max has gotten pretty grim, but somehow manages to offer bit more humor to his inner monologue.

The action…holy shit, the action. The shooting is surprisingly fluid and incorporating bullet time onto mix only makes it smoother. The over the top cinematic moments make bullet time even more entertaining. Checkpoints could be better though.

Need to dig into this more. Looking forward to the odd story twist and ending to this dark game. It’s definitely good to have you back buddy.

I’ll have more in a full review later.

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