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[Strategy Guides]: Skyrim-Blood Honor Companion’s Quest

Objective: Speak to Kodlak Whitemane

You can find Kodlak Whitemane in his chambers below Jorravaskr. The old Companion is finally looking to cure his lycanthropy. The only way to do this however is by using the head of a Glenmoril witch in a ceremony, so it’s time to collect some witch heads.

Objective: Collect a Glenmoril Witch’s head

Fast travel to the landmark nearest to Glenmoril Coven. From there work your way southwest. You’ll find the cavern  along the walls of large rock hill. The entrance will be decorated with troll skulls and some taproot hearts.

You’ll come across your first witch in the open area beyond the entrance. She’s accompanied by a small Frostbite Spider. Take care of the eight-legged nuisance then focus your most powerful attacks on the witch. Stake on the move as her fire bolt spell is incredibly effective. Once she’s dead it’s time to take her noggin and head back to Kodlak.

Objective: (Optional) Wipe out the Glenmoril Witches

If you’re looking to take out the rest of the hags you’ll find the second in the tunnel to your right from the campfire. Head through the narrow tunnel. Coming out the other side another witch waits above on a small ledge. Take the pathway which spirals up to the ledge and remove that wench’s head.

The next one is down the tunnel to the left of the central campfire room. You’ll come out to a small room with a waterfall and the witch below. Duke it out with her and take her head as well.

The final two can be found in the tunnels above the central room. Follow the path up to the ledge and kill the Frostbite spider crawling around. There is a path to your immediate left that will take you to another witch. Kill her and the pet Skeever.

Return to the ledge and head right and take the tunnel in front of you to the final witch. She’s also protected by a pet Skeever as well. Crush the rodent and fight it out for the final witch’s head.

Head back to Jorravaskr with the heads in hand to Kodlak. Unfortunately, there is grim news upon your return.


[Strategy Guide] Borderlands: Firepower-Market Connections

After finding out the bandits have been stockpiling ammo Marcus ultimate has you locate and destroy them.

Head back to the Rust Commons West area. After entering the area from New Haven, you’ll want to head north and take the right path leading east. When you come to the end of the path head northeast across the river to reach the bandit shanty town in the middle of the map, holding all of the ammo dumps.

Head in their guns ablazing or however you see fit for your character. The first ammo dump can be found on the eastern most side of the town. Blast it to destroy your first dump.

The second on can be found on top of the building where a nasty Bandit Raider will attempt to pin you down. Fight your way up and destroy that ammo dump.

You find numbers three and four on the first floor of the southernmost building in the shanty town destroy them to help out Marcus cover up his mistakes.

The final two are located on the cliff overlooking the whole complex. But there’s a Badass Bruiser waiting for behind the nearby garage door, so prepare for one hell of a fight.

Return to Marcus for hefty monetary reward and special SMG.

[Review] Bastion

It’s been sometime since I’ve sat down and played a simple RPG. I’ve missed the days of upgrading weapons with a dash of simple storytelling like Legends of Mana and Ogre 64. As I played through Bastion’s broken world I had that same satisfaction, but found the story was one of the most well told adventures I’ve had the joy of playing.

Bastion sets you in the city of Caelondia after a catastrophic event called the Calamity has broken up the entire city. Waking up as the Kid you soon find yourself attempting to bring the city back together by finding cores in each section of the city. As soon as you wake up you hear the voice of what sounds like a smooth jazz player narrate your every move and action. Hang out in an area too long and the Stranger will provide a quick quip about your lingering. Head down a street and he’ll cooly describe the area before it was destroyed. It does an excellent job of keeping you immersed in the story well paced so it doesn’t come off as distracting.

After you find the core in a particular area you return to an area called the Bastion. With the core in hand you’ll be able to add more facilities to the Bastion. This includes a Forgery which allows you to upgrade weapons, a Spirits bar which allows you to create potions to improve the Kids abilities and lastly a shrine to invoke gods and idols to improve your powers. There’s also an arsenal which house both your melee and ranged weapons.

You can find these upgrades in combat after taking down enemies. After collecting several shards, which are also parts of the old world, you can spend them on upgrades that are unique to each weapon. One such upgrade called serrated edge allowed my War Machete deal not only more damage but continual damage after a hit. Another allows your repeater to blast arrows in every direction. Each one is effective in what it does. No, gimmicks here.

Combat is fairly standard fair action-RPG. Press a button and you’ll swing your sword or shoot your bow. There are some evasive maneuvers and a shield to block. You’ll get more out of using the evasive roll than your shield, but blocking is still essential when dealing with ranged weapons, so it’s not a completely useless mechanic.Weapons range from a heavy hitting hammer, a repeater, a bow and even a rapid slicing machete for some quick deaths. There isn’t much depth to the fighting other simply swinging or shooting your weapon. There are a few special moves the Kid can execute, but nothing to draw you into the fight.

Bastion hits all of the hallmark points of a well told RPG story and the innovative narration keeps you involved in the story the whole way through. Though the action part of this RPG isn’t highlighted the remaining elements shine through. Exploring this broken world brought back those days of simple RPG gaming and it”s nice comfortable spot I’ve found myself in this breathtaking RPG.

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[Guide] Red Dead Redemption: Great Men Are Not Always Wise Mission

Enter the police station and meet with Edgar Ross. As usual he takes a few shots at Marston before revealing what’s happening. It turns out Dutch and his gang are holding several people hostage in Blackwater Bank.

Edgar has you follow him up to the roof to begin snipe the gang member. Grab some ammo before nearing the edge. Ross tells you to wait for his signal. A gang member carries a hostage out the front door. Only moving a short distance from the door, he retreats away from the hostage back inside and kills him. Time to open fire.

Begin by shooting the hostages killer. Enemy snipers will open fire from the windows. Make them your next target, so they’re no longer a threat to you. The rest of the gang will begin pouring out of the bank, either taking cover or running from the building. Snipe the ones taking cover in front the building while dealing with any of the retreating members as you please.

Once you drill a bullet into the last gang member, it’s time enter the bank and clear the rest of the baddies out. Run up to the door with your new officer friends and blast the lock of the front door. As soon as you enter the front lobby, three gang members start opening fire on you from behind the bars of the counter. Take these chumps out quickly, as there is a fourth gang member holding people hostage in the vault.

Once the three members are dead enter the door to your right to reach the vault. As you take right down the hallway, enter Dead-Eye and plant nice headshot into the gang member holding the woman hostage.

With the hostages saved head up the set of stairs behind you into a room with three gang members taking cover behind the office desks. Take cover behind one of the two unoccupied desks. In this small room use a shotgun to take out the gang members. After they’re dispatched enter the door with the yellow X.

Dutch is holding the bank manager and a woman hostage in the room. After a bitter reunion conversation between Marston and his former teacher Dutch pulls the unthinkable and makes a run for it.

Get back outside as quickly as possible and hop onto your horse. Follow Ross and the rest of his posse. He continues to push Marston’s buttons about his past, in which Marston sharply gives harsh replies towards Ross.

You reach Bearclaw Camp with Dutch’s car crashed into a tree on the side of the road. As you pass the wreckage enemies begin firing on you the posse. Hop off your horse and take cover. Use a rifle, or even better a sniper rifle, to pick off enemies hiding behind rocks.

As you continue pushing up the hill enemies will find better hiding spots and keep their distance, so be sure to put that sniper rifle to good use. After the initial defenses are taken out the second group is far better hidden, with one sniper firing at you from the cabin to your far left. Use dynamite or fire bottles with the members hiding behind the rocks if shooting at them isn’t working.

The third and final defense group is continuing the same cover tactic as the other groups, but all within an easy shooting distance. Rout the last of the gang members then report to Ross and Fordham at the Agent’s Cabin. Marston informs Ross that he lost Dutch, which Ross, needless to say isn’t happy about. Looks like there’s going to be another meeting with Dutch in the near future.

The mission ends here leaving only the next MacDougal quest open. Time to pay visit to the hopped up doctor and his “studies” on the Native Americans.