[Strategy Guide] Borderlands: Firepower-Market Connections

After finding out the bandits have been stockpiling ammo Marcus ultimate has you locate and destroy them.

Head back to the Rust Commons West area. After entering the area from New Haven, you’ll want to head north and take the right path leading east. When you come to the end of the path head northeast across the river to reach the bandit shanty town in the middle of the map, holding all of the ammo dumps.

Head in their guns ablazing or however you see fit for your character. The first ammo dump can be found on the eastern most side of the town. Blast it to destroy your first dump.

The second on can be found on top of the building where a nasty Bandit Raider will attempt to pin you down. Fight your way up and destroy that ammo dump.

You find numbers three and four on the first floor of the southernmost building in the shanty town destroy them to help out Marcus cover up his mistakes.

The final two are located on the cliff overlooking the whole complex. But there’s a Badass Bruiser waiting for behind the nearby garage door, so prepare for one hell of a fight.

Return to Marcus for hefty monetary reward and special SMG.


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