[Strategy Guides]: Skyrim-Blood Honor Companion’s Quest

Objective: Speak to Kodlak Whitemane

You can find Kodlak Whitemane in his chambers below Jorravaskr. The old Companion is finally looking to cure his lycanthropy. The only way to do this however is by using the head of a Glenmoril witch in a ceremony, so it’s time to collect some witch heads.

Objective: Collect a Glenmoril Witch’s head

Fast travel to the landmark nearest to Glenmoril Coven. From there work your way southwest. You’ll find the cavern  along the walls of large rock hill. The entrance will be decorated with troll skulls and some taproot hearts.

You’ll come across your first witch in the open area beyond the entrance. She’s accompanied by a small Frostbite Spider. Take care of the eight-legged nuisance then focus your most powerful attacks on the witch. Stake on the move as her fire bolt spell is incredibly effective. Once she’s dead it’s time to take her noggin and head back to Kodlak.

Objective: (Optional) Wipe out the Glenmoril Witches

If you’re looking to take out the rest of the hags you’ll find the second in the tunnel to your right from the campfire. Head through the narrow tunnel. Coming out the other side another witch waits above on a small ledge. Take the pathway which spirals up to the ledge and remove that wench’s head.

The next one is down the tunnel to the left of the central campfire room. You’ll come out to a small room with a waterfall and the witch below. Duke it out with her and take her head as well.

The final two can be found in the tunnels above the central room. Follow the path up to the ledge and kill the Frostbite spider crawling around. There is a path to your immediate left that will take you to another witch. Kill her and the pet Skeever.

Return to the ledge and head right and take the tunnel in front of you to the final witch. She’s also protected by a pet Skeever as well. Crush the rodent and fight it out for the final witch’s head.

Head back to Jorravaskr with the heads in hand to Kodlak. Unfortunately, there is grim news upon your return.


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