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[Strategy] Borderlands: Meet T.K. Baha

This mission is fairly simple. You need to meet with T.K. Baha, a local who lives out in the midst of the Arid Badlands. The man is a short run to the southwest as indicated on your H.U.D. compass.

Head out through the Fyrestone gate and take a right. Your last few trips along the road have been relatively safe, but this time as you head down the road from the gate a small group of bandits begin attacking you from the northwest heading up the road. Finish them off or they’ll continue to follow you to T.K. Baha’s place.

Head off the road on to the trail that led you to Nine-Toes bandit outpost. This time however, after killing the small group of Skag Pups, you’ll continue moving forward on the trail. You’ll find T.K. Baha’s and his house over ridge as you continue along the trail. T.K. will be sitting on the front porch as you approach. The nearly blind, one-legged man is…enthusiastic to say the least.

And he’ll have a reward and a new job for you after making his acquaintance.


Experience: 90



[Strategy] Borderlands-Blinding Nine-Toes

After helping Zed fix up the med machine and receiving your first shield, he has another job for you. This one is a tad bit more violent, though making it a little more fun. A local bandit leader known as Nine-Toes has established an outpost to the west just off the road. Head out of the gates and head west (obviously).

As you approach the outpost there will be a skag nest off to your left. Kill the vicious monsters and head right now to reach Nine Toes’s bandit spies. The fire fight will begin as soon as you reach the entrance. A chunk pf rockwall to your left on the approach will offer excellent cover for the bandits at the entrance. Once the two entrance guards are killed move up and move to the right side of the makeshift entrance. Several of the bandits will be hiding behind a wall, but by taking the bandits makeshift path (handy, aren’t they?) to the right you can flush them out. Take over their cover space and continue shooting the remaining bandits until you reach eight.

A few more bandits will appear from the surrounding buildings. Kill them and sweep the area for any additional supplies, money and ammo. There is also a red gun chest in between a pillar and the Fyrestone Coliseum. Head back to Zed to let him know the bandits will only be seeing the dirt in their graves instead of his town. Oh, and a lucrative reward.


Money: $313

Experience: 480

[Strategy Guide] Borderlands-Skags At The Gate

Doesn’t he just look precious.

This is your first official quest after the brief run in with the bandits. You’ll receive this quest from the doctor after taking out the bandits in front of his…establishment.

The task is relatively simple: kill five skags that have been attacking the front gates to Firestone. The little Claptrap who led you here will guide to the front gate and open it for you. When you’re within a few feet of the gate a group of bandits pull a drive-by on the poor robot and a few will begin jumping over the gate. Rid the town of these nuisances.

After the fire fight head towards the damaged robot. He’s going to need some repairs before he can open the gate for you. Hit the action button to perform a quick diagnostic of the robot. Once it’s finished head to the garage back in town. There’s a make shift counter made from barrels and metal sheets next to the entrance (it’ll also be marked on your compass). On top you’ll find a repair kit. Grab it and head back to the Claptrap. Press the action button and the little dude will be all better.

Claptrap will open the gate for you now. Time to kill some skags. You’ll find their den across from the gate. Begin gunning them down as they exit from the hole in their nest. Once you take down five of them it’s time to head back into Firestone and earn your reward from Zed.


Money: $313

Experience: 144






[News]: Humorous Borderlands 2 Commercial Further Tempts

Good lord, September cannot come sooner as Gearbox continues to tease gamers with a new trailer for Borderlands 2. It isn’t loaded with gameplay shots, but it gives a nice look at all of the beautiful and deadly locals there are. Not to mention a few nasty creatures you’ll be shooting in the face as well as some new and old friends. Oh, and Claptrap singing along to ‘Wimoweh’. Gearbox knows best. Enjoy the hilarity and violence below.