[Strategy Guide] Borderlands-Skags At The Gate

Doesn’t he just look precious.

This is your first official quest after the brief run in with the bandits. You’ll receive this quest from the doctor after taking out the bandits in front of his…establishment.

The task is relatively simple: kill five skags that have been attacking the front gates to Firestone. The little Claptrap who led you here will guide to the front gate and open it for you. When you’re within a few feet of the gate a group of bandits pull a drive-by on the poor robot and a few will begin jumping over the gate. Rid the town of these nuisances.

After the fire fight head towards the damaged robot. He’s going to need some repairs before he can open the gate for you. Hit the action button to perform a quick diagnostic of the robot. Once it’s finished head to the garage back in town. There’s a make shift counter made from barrels and metal sheets next to the entrance (it’ll also be marked on your compass). On top you’ll find a repair kit. Grab it and head back to the Claptrap. Press the action button and the little dude will be all better.

Claptrap will open the gate for you now. Time to kill some skags. You’ll find their den across from the gate. Begin gunning them down as they exit from the hole in their nest. Once you take down five of them it’s time to head back into Firestone and earn your reward from Zed.


Money: $313

Experience: 144







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