[Strategy] Borderlands-Blinding Nine-Toes

After helping Zed fix up the med machine and receiving your first shield, he has another job for you. This one is a tad bit more violent, though making it a little more fun. A local bandit leader known as Nine-Toes has established an outpost to the west just off the road. Head out of the gates and head west (obviously).

As you approach the outpost there will be a skag nest off to your left. Kill the vicious monsters and head right now to reach Nine Toes’s bandit spies. The fire fight will begin as soon as you reach the entrance. A chunk pf rockwall to your left on the approach will offer excellent cover for the bandits at the entrance. Once the two entrance guards are killed move up and move to the right side of the makeshift entrance. Several of the bandits will be hiding behind a wall, but by taking the bandits makeshift path (handy, aren’t they?) to the right you can flush them out. Take over their cover space and continue shooting the remaining bandits until you reach eight.

A few more bandits will appear from the surrounding buildings. Kill them and sweep the area for any additional supplies, money and ammo. There is also a red gun chest in between a pillar and the Fyrestone Coliseum. Head back to Zed to let him know the bandits will only be seeing the dirt in their graves instead of his town. Oh, and a lucrative reward.


Money: $313

Experience: 480


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