[Strategy] Borderlands: Meet T.K. Baha

This mission is fairly simple. You need to meet with T.K. Baha, a local who lives out in the midst of the Arid Badlands. The man is a short run to the southwest as indicated on your H.U.D. compass.

Head out through the Fyrestone gate and take a right. Your last few trips along the road have been relatively safe, but this time as you head down the road from the gate a small group of bandits begin attacking you from the northwest heading up the road. Finish them off or they’ll continue to follow you to T.K. Baha’s place.

Head off the road on to the trail that led you to Nine-Toes bandit outpost. This time however, after killing the small group of Skag Pups, you’ll continue moving forward on the trail. You’ll find T.K. Baha’s and his house over ridge as you continue along the trail. T.K. will be sitting on the front porch as you approach. The nearly blind, one-legged man is…enthusiastic to say the least.

And he’ll have a reward and a new job for you after making his acquaintance.


Experience: 90



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