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[Strategy] Borderlands: Return to Zed/Meet Shep

With the gate open to the western half of the Arid Badlands you’ll certainly have plenty more places to explore. Not long after you open the gate, Zed calls you back to Fyrestone for a bit of a chat. He appreciates you opening the gate, but there are still bandits roaming the  area and Zed knows how to remedy the situation. He offers you a reward all the same for doing the job.


Experience: 720

Money: $1552

Misc: Storage Deck Upgrade

Meet Shep

Zed sends you to a friend of his Shep. Shep knows more about Sledge’s whereabouts in the area, so it’s best to talk to him to find out more. You can find Shep only a few feet west from the recently opened gate, in a little shack with a health vending machine. Say what’s up to this new quest giver. He’ll be offering three quests at the moment. You have more bounty board quests as well, but two are beyond your abilities currently, so it’s best to stick with what Shep is offering before you tackle more of the bounty board quests.


Experience: 144




[Strategy] Borderlands: Scooter-The Piss Wash Hurdle

With the Catch-A-Ride station all fixed up you now have full access to Scooter’s vehicles. You start out with just the runner, but you can choose to equip it with a machine gun or rocket launcher mount and, as Scooter puts it, you can paint it with a bunch of pretty colors to boot.

While you may have a quicker means of transportation you still don’t have full access to all of the Arid Badlands. The bandits aren’t making it any easier either as they’ve put a gate across the main road leading to more of the Badlands. But, Scooter knows how you can get around this annoying obstacle, especially now you have access to a vehicle: you’ll need to jump the Piss Wash Hurdle.

First return to the Catch-A-Ride station you fixed in the Bone Head mission. Spawn a Runner and hop on inside. Follow the main road until you see the gate the bandits have placed across it. There is a small path from the main road heading southwest. This path will lead you to the Skags nest you cleared to get to T.K.’s food. There you’ll notice a massive metal ramp as you face west; this is the Piss Wash Hurdle.

Leave enough distance between you and the ramp to make the jump. Drive forward at full speed and as soon as you hit the ramp hit the boost button. You’ll be launched across Piss Wash, landing on the other side safe and sound. Time take care of those bandits and get that gate open.

Once on the other side you’ll need to turn right. Continue to follow the road until you reach the gate. Bandits will begin firing at you, but they won’t be your only problem. A skag nest is across from the bandit shanty town so expect some trouble from the nasty dogs. There are only a few bandits and some short tempered elder skags and whelps, so the situation is should be relatively easy to handle. Search the small shack for some money and ammo.

The objective marker will lead you to the switch to open the gate, as well as your way of handing the quest in. Congrats!


Experience: 720





[Strategy] Borderlands: Scooter-Bone Head’s Theft

Alright, folks. You’re finally ready to take on Bone Head. He may be one level above, but with all of the leveling and gun collecting done with T.K. should leave you in pretty good shape to face-off with him. With your finest weapons in hand (fire elemental weapons will do extra damage if you have them) it’s time to head northeast from T.K.’s and then head due northwest once you come to the road.

Remember to take the narrow pass slightly off to your right. This will give you a small element of surprise over Bone Head and his crew, but the moment you start firing off shots you’ll grab everyone’s attention. You’ll be contending with bandits as well as couple of tougher bruisers. Siren’s can take advantage of their phasewalk ability and warp to different areas of the camp and staying on the move, taking out bandits and finally focusing in on Bone Head last. Soldiers will want to use their turret to keep Bone Head’s crew busy while you have the opportunity to focus all of your attacks on Bone Head. Berserkers will want to go right into rage mode and go  straight for the bone clad leader. Hunters should keep their distance, using a sniper rifle and their carnivorous bird, Bloodwing, should enemies get too close.

No matter who you are or how you do it, use all of your resources at your disposal you will prevail over Bone Head. The digistruct module can be found in a chest in the northeast corner of Bone Heads camp. It will be flashing green, if you have trouble finding it. There’s also a hefty amount of cash for the taking as well.

With digistruct module in hand it’s time to head back to the defunct Catch-a-Ride station. Simply head back through the hidden pass and head back down the road, to the southeast, from where you came. Along with your standard monetary and experience reward, Scooter offers to show you how to operate the station and your first vehicle. We’ll cover this in the next part of the guide.


Experience: 4320

Money: $1552

[Strategy] Borderlands: T.K. Baha Quest-By The Seeds Of Your Pants

It’s off to Skag Gully again to do some work for T.K. The blind man needs your help collecting some Bladeflower seeds so he can grow some crops for winter. These seeds can be found in the intricate cave tunnels of Skag Gully.

Bladeflower 1:

Entering Skag Gully you’ll want to follow the downward sloping path from the first skags nest. This time you’ll want to turn right when you reach the bottom of the  slope and follow the path northwest towards the quest objective. Along the path you’ll come across your standard fare of skags nest populated by mostly spitter skags and skag whelps. Dispose of them however you may see fit. Continue to follow the path north and you’ll come across a second, smaller skags nest. This time you’ll have an adult skag to deal with. These skags are much larger and much more ferocious than their smaller counter parts. Using your ability and best weapons will suffice in taking out the beast.

After wiping out the whole nest you’ll find the first Bladeflower seed to collect on your right as you’re facing north.

Bladeflower 2:

Continue following the path northwest through the narrow walled path. You’ll come to a ledge overlooking a clearing with a boulder in the center. More skags will be patrolling the area. As soon as they take notice they’ll charge up the path towards you. Take out this onslaught, then grab the Bladeflower seed at the turn in path that leads down to the clearing.

Bladeflower 3:

The third Bladeflower seed is sitting atop a small ledge overlooking the clearing you stepped down into. The small ledge will be to your right. Walk to the other side of the clearing to another raised ledge. This will give you a jumping off point to reach the small ledge and access to the third Bladeflower seed.

Bladeflower 4:

I know it’s going to sound like I’m repeating myself, but bare with me. Hop back to the raised ledge to continue north toward yet another ledge and another clearing. The drop is much higher, which means you won’t be able to backtrack once you hop down. Make sure have everything and jump down. There is a rather large skags nest with plenty of adult skags, spitter skags and skag whelps so get ready for one intense fight. Once the last of the skags has been killed you’ll find the fourth Bladeflower see, again to your right on a ledge. There are no special means to reaching it; the path will lead you to the seed.

After collecting it turn around back to the path, which will lead you to the mouth of the spooky cave. Okay it’s not that bad, but dealing with all of those skags definitely makes it seem like a nightmare.

Bladeflower 5:

The fifth bladeflower will be located at not far in from the entrance of the cave and will be located on your left, diverging just off the main path.

Bladeflower 6:

The sixth Bladeflower seed is located deep inside the cave. Follow the path south, but be careful. A group of skags will come down the path off to the right of the main path to ambush you. Kill them. If you want follow the path they came down from and you’ll find an opening covered up by grass. This will lead you to more skags, but also a nice red weapons chest which will definitely be worth your time. If not continue on the main path deeper into the cave.

The sixth Bladeflower will be on your right as you walk along the path with no fuss from any skags.

Bladeflower 7:

As you round the corner you’ll come to find the seventh Bladeflower seed. But, between you and it is a skags nest with one pissed off Badass Skag. Put together your best weapons and make sure your ability is fully recharged. Attack the badass skag first, dealing with the other, smaller skags as they come. Most importantly stay on the move. The badass skag has powerful swipe and can create devastating shockwave by pounding on the ground with his feet. When the beast and his minions are dead it’s time to collect the seventh Bladeflower seed on the other side of the nest.

Bladeflower 8:

Following the path up to the ridge over looking the nest you just cleared you’ll find the final Bladeflower seed tucked away to your right near a naturally made window. Grab it and be prepared to face-off with another badass skag. Use the same tactics as last time and stay on the move to keep distance between you and him. Jump down to the last skags nest if you need more room to fight him. With him dead take out the smaller skag whelps and spitter skags to clear the area.

At the end of the path you’ll come to a ledge, which leads you back to area where you found the first Bladeflower seed. Before you hop down loot the nearby chest for ammo and hopefully some awesome guns. From there head back to the Arid Badlands to collect your reward from T.K. Now your ready for Bone Head.


Experience: 1980

Money: $1386

Weapon: Liquid Sniper


[Strategy] Borderlands: Bounty Board Quest-T.K.’s Life and Limb

Okay, so you’re not quite ready to take on Bone Head, yet. It may take some more experience to hit that comfortable level 10 to take him on. Lucky for you T.K. has plenty of work for you to do. Pick up both quest, but go for T.K.’s Life and Limb first. T.K. wants you to get revenge on the bastard skag who took his leg. The pooches name is Scar and from what T.K. says about him he isn’t to be trifled with. Bring your best firepower as Scar won’t be wretching it up anytime soon and I’m sure you don’t want to deal with it coming out the other either.

Head to Skag Gully. Walk south, the same direction towards Nine-Toes hideout. Instead of continuing south under the arch, take a left from the skags nest you originally cross over. It will lead you down a sloped trail towards the quest objective. Continue in the northeastern direction and around the small mound jutting out from the ground. A skags nest lies on the other side with some tougher Skag Whelps and your first encounter with some Spitter Skags. The name explains it all. These vile little creatures hawk acidic spit your way which needless to say can do a number on you.

Once their dead continue along the trail. You’ll come across another nest as you head up a slope and two splitting paths. In order to reach Scar you have to continue following the north-northeast path. The path will bend north and you’ll be introduced to another new enemy type: the Rakk. These flying creatures will swoop down you in swarms dealing serious damage due to their sheer numbers. A shotgun is highly effect in covering their spread out formation when they attack. If you don’t have one available a rapid fire weapon will do well enough.

With them out of the way continue on. As the path slopes up two more paths will diverge. Take the path to your left to reach Scar, instead of the right which just leads up to a ledge. Although, if you’re a sniper it could be used for an excellent perch to get a few pot shots on Scar. Whatever method you decide to use Scar will begin charging you. Fire at the beast and stay on the move. If you’re a berserker do the opposite and charge right at him and use your fists. If you’re a siren put your best fire or caustic elemental weapon to use. He’ll have small gaggle of skag whelps and skag spitters fighting for him, but maintain your focus on Scar as he’ll reach you before any of them will.

Once you bring the beast down he’ll cough up T.K.’s leg. Kill the remaining skags that may be attacking you and start heading back towards the Arid Badlands to an appreciative T.K. and a lovely reward. Along with a lot of money and experience he will give you his prized shotgun T.K.’s Wave. The gun fires a blue energy wave that will devastate enemies. An excellent weapon for you soldiers and berserkers out there. Time for T.K.’s next errand, then it’s time to take on Bone Head.


Weapon: T.K.’s Wave

Experience: 4320

Money: $2210


[Strategy] Borderlands: Bounty Board Quest-Catch A Ride

Last time you made the trip into the Wasteland you were given two new Bounty Board quests. One will bring you back to T.K. and he’ll provide some more quests for you. The other will introduce you to the vehicle generating Catch-a-Ride Station. You can choose either at your leisure, but I recommend setting up the Catch-a-Ride Station first so you can finally have access to vehicles.

Scooter, Pandora’s enthusiastic mechanic, crackles over the radio not long after you pick up the job. He maintains all of the Catch-a-Ride Stations on Pandora and the one in Fyrestone is on the fritz. But given he’s human and can’t be everywhere at once he’s going to need your help to fix it.

You’ll find the broken down station across from the Fyrestone Gate. After checking the station and running a diagnostic, Sooter was right. Now it turns out a nasty fellow named Bone Head (doesn’t entirely reflect his intelligence) has stolen the Digistruct. The only way you’ll get it back from him is, well, by doing what you always need to do in Pandora to get anything back: kill him.

You receive a small 108 experience award for this part of the mission. I would recommend moving on to some of T.K. Baha’s missions as taking on Bone head will be out of your league. Earn some more experience first then head back to take on Bone Head and his crew.


Experience: 108


[Strategy] Wrapping Up Nine-Toes and Job Hunting Quests

So, T.K. doesn’t have the money for killing Nine-Toes, but the unlicensed Dr. Zed does. Quickly return to Fyrestone to Zed and he will reward you nicely for your efforts. In addition to the cash and a small amount of experience, you’ll recieve your first augmented grenade. These deadly explosives can now explode with any of the four elemental forces in the game: corrosive, explosive, incendiary, or shock. This quest offers a randomly generated grenade type.


Money: $2600

Experience: 104

Job Hunting:

For the moment Zed doesn’t have any other jobs for you, but the folks in town post many of their grievances and problems on the town bounty board for Vault Hunters like yourself to solve. And they’ll reward you handsomely for doing so. The board is right around the corner on the side of Zeds home. You’ll notice a green hologram with an action symbol next to the Claptrap. Press it and you’ll find the first of many side quests to come.


Experience: 108


[Strategy] Borderlands: Nine-Toes: Take Him Down

With grenades in hand it’s now time to kill that bandit bastard, Nine-Toes. T.K. informs you Nine-Toes is located in Skag Gully, which is east/northeast from T.K.’s shack. He also lets you know he has blocked off the entrance to the gully in order to keep skags out. No worries, as T.K. has taken the initiative to set-up explosives to destroy the barricade allowing you to get through easily.

Follow the trail east from T.K.’s shack. As you continue along the trail you’ll come across a skag nest. There’s only a few so taking care of them should be easy, especially with your grenades. Continue northeast on the trail as it climbs up a small slope. When you reach the top you’ll come across another skags nest. Once again it’s only a few, so defeating them should be relatively easy. You’ll see the barricaded entrance at the end of the trail. It seems like T.K. did all the work for you, as a plunger and wiring are all set-up, ready to be detonated. All you need to do is push the plunger and you will have access to Skag Gully.

Once you enter Skag Gully you’ll find a Medic and Ammo vendor on a raised, metal platform. Do some shopping if necessary before venturing further. I recommend stopping by the Medic vendor to buy a better shield. By this point there should be better versions available than your starting shield. Continue down the path towards your destination. You’ll come to an opening surrounded by skag nests. Skag Gully is appropriately named as a large number of skag pups and whelps will begin pouring out of their nests. Begin putting your abilities, best weapons and grenades to use on the vicious vermin. Once they’re all dead, continue southwest towards Nine-Toes hideout.

More skag nests are ahead, but the encounter is not nearly as intense as your last one. A few well placed shots should suffice in handling this small group of skags. Turn right on the path and you’ll come across what appears to be a grave submerged in a small pool of water. It’s actually T.K.’s small gun stash. Loot the grave for some very nice and very powerful weapons. Lady Finger should offer something special pistol users and snipers.
With new weapons in hand it’s now time to truly take down Nine-Toes.

Head up the trail to find the opening to Nine-Toes hideout. A few skags will be guarding the entrance. A few midget psychos will raise the gate and rush at the same time. Remain calm and take them all out. Head on inside and be ready for more bandits; tough ones at that. You’ll find many of them using shields to protect themselves. Two bandit thugs will be waiting for you not too far into the cave. Use cover and your new weapons to put the fools down.

Before heading deeper into the cave stop by the vendors near the entrance for some last minute ammo and health. Continue deeper in and you’ll notice a metal bridge leading across to a small structure and more walkways. Two bandit thugs and a midget shotgunner will come running out from the structure to attack you. You can make short work of them rather quickly with all of your abilities and weapons. Loot the inside of the structure and continue to the exit onto a short walk way. At the end there will be a drop in the floor, leading to a small arena area and nine-toed, three balled bandit himself.

The battle with Nine-Toes is incredibly tough, no matter how well prepared you are. He is joined by two vicious skags, known as Pinky and Digit. Do your best to remain focused on Nine-Toes as you run from his pet skags. Use your abilities to make quick work of Nine-Toes so you can refocus on the two skags. Also, the two skags can deal more damage and take more hits than Nine-Toes, so as they’re distracting you Nine-Toes can lay as much damage on you as he wants. Killing him first will give the opportunity to pick up his gun The Clipper. This machine pistol can shoot elemental fire rounds which are devastating against fleshy creatures like skags or bandits. Picking up The clipper will make finishing the pair of skags off much easier.

Once all three of the villains are defeated, loot the hell out of the room. There is plenty of money stashed away in the room and a weapons chest on the stage Nine-Toes came from. After this job well done it’s time to head back to T.K. and collect your ever so wonderful reward. Nicely done.


Experience: 2880

[Strategy] Borderlands: Got Grenades?

This one is pretty simple. When you’ve brought back all of T.K.’s lost food, he will point out a very important observation: you lack grenades. This fact won’t make your confrontation with Nine-Toes easy. But where to find? Well, before the thought passes Marcus Kincaid (the Russian accented, gun proprietor) crackles over your radio letting you know his vending machines are up and running again in Fyrestone.

Head back to Fyrestone. You’ll find Marcus’s vending machines in the unopened garage across from Dr. Zed’s “office”. As you approach the door will open revealing two vending machines. The green machine will provide you with all of your needs, while the red one sells new weapons for a traveling mercenary like yourself.

Purchase grenades from the ammo vending machine and peruse the weapon vending machine to see if something catches your fancy. Once you’ve met all of your shopping needs, head back to T.K. to prove you have a set of grenades on your belt. The odd little man will give you a nice reward, as always.


Experience: 48

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[Strategy] Borderlands: T.K.’s Food

T.K greets you with a shotgun to your face. Don’t worry he’s not going to shoot you with it; he’s only joking. Despite his rather aggressive sense of humor he’s going to become your main lead to Nine-Toes. But first you’re going to have do him a favor. Skags have broken into his food supplies, so you’ll need to hunt down the remainder of what those hounds took.

You’ll find the first of the stolen food in front of several skag nests. Kill the skags that attack you and follow the marker to find T.K.’s food.
The second bit of food is only a few steps away next to one of Pandora’s cactus looking plants (tall with black and pink coloring).

The third and fourth are next to an even larger group of skag nests. Killing the skags won’t be quite as easy this time. Among the skag pups will be skag whelps. Use your best gun and if you’re at level five put your new found abilities to use. Pick up the food after you put the pooches down.

Return to T.K. and enjoy the spoils of your fight.


Money: $313

Experience: 480