[Strategy] Borderlands: Got Grenades?

This one is pretty simple. When you’ve brought back all of T.K.’s lost food, he will point out a very important observation: you lack grenades. This fact won’t make your confrontation with Nine-Toes easy. But where to find? Well, before the thought passes Marcus Kincaid (the Russian accented, gun proprietor) crackles over your radio letting you know his vending machines are up and running again in Fyrestone.

Head back to Fyrestone. You’ll find Marcus’s vending machines in the unopened garage across from Dr. Zed’s “office”. As you approach the door will open revealing two vending machines. The green machine will provide you with all of your needs, while the red one sells new weapons for a traveling mercenary like yourself.

Purchase grenades from the ammo vending machine and peruse the weapon vending machine to see if something catches your fancy. Once you’ve met all of your shopping needs, head back to T.K. to prove you have a set of grenades on your belt. The odd little man will give you a nice reward, as always.


Experience: 48

Photo Credit-100seedlesspenguins




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