[Strategy] Borderlands: T.K.’s Food

T.K greets you with a shotgun to your face. Don’t worry he’s not going to shoot you with it; he’s only joking. Despite his rather aggressive sense of humor he’s going to become your main lead to Nine-Toes. But first you’re going to have do him a favor. Skags have broken into his food supplies, so you’ll need to hunt down the remainder of what those hounds took.

You’ll find the first of the stolen food in front of several skag nests. Kill the skags that attack you and follow the marker to find T.K.’s food.
The second bit of food is only a few steps away next to one of Pandora’s cactus looking plants (tall with black and pink coloring).

The third and fourth are next to an even larger group of skag nests. Killing the skags won’t be quite as easy this time. Among the skag pups will be skag whelps. Use your best gun and if you’re at level five put your new found abilities to use. Pick up the food after you put the pooches down.

Return to T.K. and enjoy the spoils of your fight.


Money: $313

Experience: 480


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