[Strategy] Borderlands: Nine-Toes: Take Him Down

With grenades in hand it’s now time to kill that bandit bastard, Nine-Toes. T.K. informs you Nine-Toes is located in Skag Gully, which is east/northeast from T.K.’s shack. He also lets you know he has blocked off the entrance to the gully in order to keep skags out. No worries, as T.K. has taken the initiative to set-up explosives to destroy the barricade allowing you to get through easily.

Follow the trail east from T.K.’s shack. As you continue along the trail you’ll come across a skag nest. There’s only a few so taking care of them should be easy, especially with your grenades. Continue northeast on the trail as it climbs up a small slope. When you reach the top you’ll come across another skags nest. Once again it’s only a few, so defeating them should be relatively easy. You’ll see the barricaded entrance at the end of the trail. It seems like T.K. did all the work for you, as a plunger and wiring are all set-up, ready to be detonated. All you need to do is push the plunger and you will have access to Skag Gully.

Once you enter Skag Gully you’ll find a Medic and Ammo vendor on a raised, metal platform. Do some shopping if necessary before venturing further. I recommend stopping by the Medic vendor to buy a better shield. By this point there should be better versions available than your starting shield. Continue down the path towards your destination. You’ll come to an opening surrounded by skag nests. Skag Gully is appropriately named as a large number of skag pups and whelps will begin pouring out of their nests. Begin putting your abilities, best weapons and grenades to use on the vicious vermin. Once they’re all dead, continue southwest towards Nine-Toes hideout.

More skag nests are ahead, but the encounter is not nearly as intense as your last one. A few well placed shots should suffice in handling this small group of skags. Turn right on the path and you’ll come across what appears to be a grave submerged in a small pool of water. It’s actually T.K.’s small gun stash. Loot the grave for some very nice and very powerful weapons. Lady Finger should offer something special pistol users and snipers.
With new weapons in hand it’s now time to truly take down Nine-Toes.

Head up the trail to find the opening to Nine-Toes hideout. A few skags will be guarding the entrance. A few midget psychos will raise the gate and rush at the same time. Remain calm and take them all out. Head on inside and be ready for more bandits; tough ones at that. You’ll find many of them using shields to protect themselves. Two bandit thugs will be waiting for you not too far into the cave. Use cover and your new weapons to put the fools down.

Before heading deeper into the cave stop by the vendors near the entrance for some last minute ammo and health. Continue deeper in and you’ll notice a metal bridge leading across to a small structure and more walkways. Two bandit thugs and a midget shotgunner will come running out from the structure to attack you. You can make short work of them rather quickly with all of your abilities and weapons. Loot the inside of the structure and continue to the exit onto a short walk way. At the end there will be a drop in the floor, leading to a small arena area and nine-toed, three balled bandit himself.

The battle with Nine-Toes is incredibly tough, no matter how well prepared you are. He is joined by two vicious skags, known as Pinky and Digit. Do your best to remain focused on Nine-Toes as you run from his pet skags. Use your abilities to make quick work of Nine-Toes so you can refocus on the two skags. Also, the two skags can deal more damage and take more hits than Nine-Toes, so as they’re distracting you Nine-Toes can lay as much damage on you as he wants. Killing him first will give the opportunity to pick up his gun The Clipper. This machine pistol can shoot elemental fire rounds which are devastating against fleshy creatures like skags or bandits. Picking up The clipper will make finishing the pair of skags off much easier.

Once all three of the villains are defeated, loot the hell out of the room. There is plenty of money stashed away in the room and a weapons chest on the stage Nine-Toes came from. After this job well done it’s time to head back to T.K. and collect your ever so wonderful reward. Nicely done.


Experience: 2880


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