[Strategy] Wrapping Up Nine-Toes and Job Hunting Quests

So, T.K. doesn’t have the money for killing Nine-Toes, but the unlicensed Dr. Zed does. Quickly return to Fyrestone to Zed and he will reward you nicely for your efforts. In addition to the cash and a small amount of experience, you’ll recieve your first augmented grenade. These deadly explosives can now explode with any of the four elemental forces in the game: corrosive, explosive, incendiary, or shock. This quest offers a randomly generated grenade type.


Money: $2600

Experience: 104

Job Hunting:

For the moment Zed doesn’t have any other jobs for you, but the folks in town post many of their grievances and problems on the town bounty board for Vault Hunters like yourself to solve. And they’ll reward you handsomely for doing so. The board is right around the corner on the side of Zeds home. You’ll notice a green hologram with an action symbol next to the Claptrap. Press it and you’ll find the first of many side quests to come.


Experience: 108



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