[Strategy] Borderlands: Bounty Board Quest-Catch A Ride

Last time you made the trip into the Wasteland you were given two new Bounty Board quests. One will bring you back to T.K. and he’ll provide some more quests for you. The other will introduce you to the vehicle generating Catch-a-Ride Station. You can choose either at your leisure, but I recommend setting up the Catch-a-Ride Station first so you can finally have access to vehicles.

Scooter, Pandora’s enthusiastic mechanic, crackles over the radio not long after you pick up the job. He maintains all of the Catch-a-Ride Stations on Pandora and the one in Fyrestone is on the fritz. But given he’s human and can’t be everywhere at once he’s going to need your help to fix it.

You’ll find the broken down station across from the Fyrestone Gate. After checking the station and running a diagnostic, Sooter was right. Now it turns out a nasty fellow named Bone Head (doesn’t entirely reflect his intelligence) has stolen the Digistruct. The only way you’ll get it back from him is, well, by doing what you always need to do in Pandora to get anything back: kill him.

You receive a small 108 experience award for this part of the mission. I would recommend moving on to some of T.K. Baha’s missions as taking on Bone head will be out of your league. Earn some more experience first then head back to take on Bone Head and his crew.


Experience: 108



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