[Strategy] Borderlands: Bounty Board Quest-T.K.’s Life and Limb

Okay, so you’re not quite ready to take on Bone Head, yet. It may take some more experience to hit that comfortable level 10 to take him on. Lucky for you T.K. has plenty of work for you to do. Pick up both quest, but go for T.K.’s Life and Limb first. T.K. wants you to get revenge on the bastard skag who took his leg. The pooches name is Scar and from what T.K. says about him he isn’t to be trifled with. Bring your best firepower as Scar won’t be wretching it up anytime soon and I’m sure you don’t want to deal with it coming out the other either.

Head to Skag Gully. Walk south, the same direction towards Nine-Toes hideout. Instead of continuing south under the arch, take a left from the skags nest you originally cross over. It will lead you down a sloped trail towards the quest objective. Continue in the northeastern direction and around the small mound jutting out from the ground. A skags nest lies on the other side with some tougher Skag Whelps and your first encounter with some Spitter Skags. The name explains it all. These vile little creatures hawk acidic spit your way which needless to say can do a number on you.

Once their dead continue along the trail. You’ll come across another nest as you head up a slope and two splitting paths. In order to reach Scar you have to continue following the north-northeast path. The path will bend north and you’ll be introduced to another new enemy type: the Rakk. These flying creatures will swoop down you in swarms dealing serious damage due to their sheer numbers. A shotgun is highly effect in covering their spread out formation when they attack. If you don’t have one available a rapid fire weapon will do well enough.

With them out of the way continue on. As the path slopes up two more paths will diverge. Take the path to your left to reach Scar, instead of the right which just leads up to a ledge. Although, if you’re a sniper it could be used for an excellent perch to get a few pot shots on Scar. Whatever method you decide to use Scar will begin charging you. Fire at the beast and stay on the move. If you’re a berserker do the opposite and charge right at him and use your fists. If you’re a siren put your best fire or caustic elemental weapon to use. He’ll have small gaggle of skag whelps and skag spitters fighting for him, but maintain your focus on Scar as he’ll reach you before any of them will.

Once you bring the beast down he’ll cough up T.K.’s leg. Kill the remaining skags that may be attacking you and start heading back towards the Arid Badlands to an appreciative T.K. and a lovely reward. Along with a lot of money and experience he will give you his prized shotgun T.K.’s Wave. The gun fires a blue energy wave that will devastate enemies. An excellent weapon for you soldiers and berserkers out there. Time for T.K.’s next errand, then it’s time to take on Bone Head.


Weapon: T.K.’s Wave

Experience: 4320

Money: $2210



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