[Strategy] Borderlands: T.K. Baha Quest-By The Seeds Of Your Pants

It’s off to Skag Gully again to do some work for T.K. The blind man needs your help collecting some Bladeflower seeds so he can grow some crops for winter. These seeds can be found in the intricate cave tunnels of Skag Gully.

Bladeflower 1:

Entering Skag Gully you’ll want to follow the downward sloping path from the first skags nest. This time you’ll want to turn right when you reach the bottom of the  slope and follow the path northwest towards the quest objective. Along the path you’ll come across your standard fare of skags nest populated by mostly spitter skags and skag whelps. Dispose of them however you may see fit. Continue to follow the path north and you’ll come across a second, smaller skags nest. This time you’ll have an adult skag to deal with. These skags are much larger and much more ferocious than their smaller counter parts. Using your ability and best weapons will suffice in taking out the beast.

After wiping out the whole nest you’ll find the first Bladeflower seed to collect on your right as you’re facing north.

Bladeflower 2:

Continue following the path northwest through the narrow walled path. You’ll come to a ledge overlooking a clearing with a boulder in the center. More skags will be patrolling the area. As soon as they take notice they’ll charge up the path towards you. Take out this onslaught, then grab the Bladeflower seed at the turn in path that leads down to the clearing.

Bladeflower 3:

The third Bladeflower seed is sitting atop a small ledge overlooking the clearing you stepped down into. The small ledge will be to your right. Walk to the other side of the clearing to another raised ledge. This will give you a jumping off point to reach the small ledge and access to the third Bladeflower seed.

Bladeflower 4:

I know it’s going to sound like I’m repeating myself, but bare with me. Hop back to the raised ledge to continue north toward yet another ledge and another clearing. The drop is much higher, which means you won’t be able to backtrack once you hop down. Make sure have everything and jump down. There is a rather large skags nest with plenty of adult skags, spitter skags and skag whelps so get ready for one intense fight. Once the last of the skags has been killed you’ll find the fourth Bladeflower see, again to your right on a ledge. There are no special means to reaching it; the path will lead you to the seed.

After collecting it turn around back to the path, which will lead you to the mouth of the spooky cave. Okay it’s not that bad, but dealing with all of those skags definitely makes it seem like a nightmare.

Bladeflower 5:

The fifth bladeflower will be located at not far in from the entrance of the cave and will be located on your left, diverging just off the main path.

Bladeflower 6:

The sixth Bladeflower seed is located deep inside the cave. Follow the path south, but be careful. A group of skags will come down the path off to the right of the main path to ambush you. Kill them. If you want follow the path they came down from and you’ll find an opening covered up by grass. This will lead you to more skags, but also a nice red weapons chest which will definitely be worth your time. If not continue on the main path deeper into the cave.

The sixth Bladeflower will be on your right as you walk along the path with no fuss from any skags.

Bladeflower 7:

As you round the corner you’ll come to find the seventh Bladeflower seed. But, between you and it is a skags nest with one pissed off Badass Skag. Put together your best weapons and make sure your ability is fully recharged. Attack the badass skag first, dealing with the other, smaller skags as they come. Most importantly stay on the move. The badass skag has powerful swipe and can create devastating shockwave by pounding on the ground with his feet. When the beast and his minions are dead it’s time to collect the seventh Bladeflower seed on the other side of the nest.

Bladeflower 8:

Following the path up to the ridge over looking the nest you just cleared you’ll find the final Bladeflower seed tucked away to your right near a naturally made window. Grab it and be prepared to face-off with another badass skag. Use the same tactics as last time and stay on the move to keep distance between you and him. Jump down to the last skags nest if you need more room to fight him. With him dead take out the smaller skag whelps and spitter skags to clear the area.

At the end of the path you’ll come to a ledge, which leads you back to area where you found the first Bladeflower seed. Before you hop down loot the nearby chest for ammo and hopefully some awesome guns. From there head back to the Arid Badlands to collect your reward from T.K. Now your ready for Bone Head.


Experience: 1980

Money: $1386

Weapon: Liquid Sniper



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