[Strategy] Borderlands: Scooter-Bone Head’s Theft

Alright, folks. You’re finally ready to take on Bone Head. He may be one level above, but with all of the leveling and gun collecting done with T.K. should leave you in pretty good shape to face-off with him. With your finest weapons in hand (fire elemental weapons will do extra damage if you have them) it’s time to head northeast from T.K.’s and then head due northwest once you come to the road.

Remember to take the narrow pass slightly off to your right. This will give you a small element of surprise over Bone Head and his crew, but the moment you start firing off shots you’ll grab everyone’s attention. You’ll be contending with bandits as well as couple of tougher bruisers. Siren’s can take advantage of their phasewalk ability and warp to different areas of the camp and staying on the move, taking out bandits and finally focusing in on Bone Head last. Soldiers will want to use their turret to keep Bone Head’s crew busy while you have the opportunity to focus all of your attacks on Bone Head. Berserkers will want to go right into rage mode and go  straight for the bone clad leader. Hunters should keep their distance, using a sniper rifle and their carnivorous bird, Bloodwing, should enemies get too close.

No matter who you are or how you do it, use all of your resources at your disposal you will prevail over Bone Head. The digistruct module can be found in a chest in the northeast corner of Bone Heads camp. It will be flashing green, if you have trouble finding it. There’s also a hefty amount of cash for the taking as well.

With digistruct module in hand it’s time to head back to the defunct Catch-a-Ride station. Simply head back through the hidden pass and head back down the road, to the southeast, from where you came. Along with your standard monetary and experience reward, Scooter offers to show you how to operate the station and your first vehicle. We’ll cover this in the next part of the guide.


Experience: 4320

Money: $1552


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