[Strategy] Borderlands: Scooter-The Piss Wash Hurdle

With the Catch-A-Ride station all fixed up you now have full access to Scooter’s vehicles. You start out with just the runner, but you can choose to equip it with a machine gun or rocket launcher mount and, as Scooter puts it, you can paint it with a bunch of pretty colors to boot.

While you may have a quicker means of transportation you still don’t have full access to all of the Arid Badlands. The bandits aren’t making it any easier either as they’ve put a gate across the main road leading to more of the Badlands. But, Scooter knows how you can get around this annoying obstacle, especially now you have access to a vehicle: you’ll need to jump the Piss Wash Hurdle.

First return to the Catch-A-Ride station you fixed in the Bone Head mission. Spawn a Runner and hop on inside. Follow the main road until you see the gate the bandits have placed across it. There is a small path from the main road heading southwest. This path will lead you to the Skags nest you cleared to get to T.K.’s food. There you’ll notice a massive metal ramp as you face west; this is the Piss Wash Hurdle.

Leave enough distance between you and the ramp to make the jump. Drive forward at full speed and as soon as you hit the ramp hit the boost button. You’ll be launched across Piss Wash, landing on the other side safe and sound. Time take care of those bandits and get that gate open.

Once on the other side you’ll need to turn right. Continue to follow the road until you reach the gate. Bandits will begin firing at you, but they won’t be your only problem. A skag nest is across from the bandit shanty town so expect some trouble from the nasty dogs. There are only a few bandits and some short tempered elder skags and whelps, so the situation is should be relatively easy to handle. Search the small shack for some money and ammo.

The objective marker will lead you to the switch to open the gate, as well as your way of handing the quest in. Congrats!


Experience: 720






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