[Strategy] Borderlands: Return to Zed/Meet Shep

With the gate open to the western half of the Arid Badlands you’ll certainly have plenty more places to explore. Not long after you open the gate, Zed calls you back to Fyrestone for a bit of a chat. He appreciates you opening the gate, but there are still bandits roaming the  area and Zed knows how to remedy the situation. He offers you a reward all the same for doing the job.


Experience: 720

Money: $1552

Misc: Storage Deck Upgrade

Meet Shep

Zed sends you to a friend of his Shep. Shep knows more about Sledge’s whereabouts in the area, so it’s best to talk to him to find out more. You can find Shep only a few feet west from the recently opened gate, in a little shack with a health vending machine. Say what’s up to this new quest giver. He’ll be offering three quests at the moment. You have more bounty board quests as well, but two are beyond your abilities currently, so it’s best to stick with what Shep is offering before you tackle more of the bounty board quests.


Experience: 144




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