[Strategy] Borderlands: Bounty Board Quest-Get A Little Blood On The Tires

We’ll go on a nice relaxing drive and keep this post simple. This bounty board quest comes from Scooter and allows you to get some more practice taking the vehicles out and about. This time you won’t be learning how to accomplish acrobatic leaps across massive gorges. You’ll be running down critters and bandits with your car.

The task is simple: find some bad guys (or critters) and run them down with your runner. You need only ten. One of the best spots is a stretch of the main road a little further west of Shep Sanders hovel. Several skag nests are along the road which will create more than enough targets to hit ten of them. Once you enough skag guts on your wheels head back to the bounty board to claim your reward.


Experience: 1152

Money: $2329


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