[Strategy] Borderlands-Shep Sanders: Get The Flock Outta Here

It’s time to get familiar with Shep and the key to Sledge’s mine. To begin clearing out the southern area Shep needs you to take out some of the rakk in the area. You only need to take out ten so it isn’t much of a challenge.

Head south from Shep’s outpost and take a slight turn southeast towards the objective marker. You’ll come to a rakk nest and once your close enough the little, winged buggers will start popping out. If you want to stick with the shotgun strategy I suggested earlier for killing rakks, but there much better way that won’t get you hurt or killed. Take a runner (specifically with a machine gun mount) and climb into the mounted turret when the rakk appear. Lay your finger on the trigger and unleash a maelstrom on the flock. You’ll rack up ten kills in no time.

Once every rakk is dead head back to Shep to claim your reward.


Experience: 2880

Money: $2329


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