[Strategy] Borderlands: Shep Sanders-Braking Wind

Time to make more moves on the Zephyr Substation. However, you won’t be going after the Mine Key. Shep needs you turn the power supply in the substation back on. It seems the bandits who took over turned on the emergency breaks to the turbines, cutting off power to much of the Arid Badlands. Since your a seasoned bandit killer this job is well suited.

Head south from Shep’s shack and then drive off the main road south-southwest following the trail. You’ll come across the turbine on your left positioned on top of a hill of rock. There is also several skag nests along the road near the hill. Use your runner to run the lot of them. If you’re on foot use standard run and gun tactics to kill them. Be wary though; a random Badass skag may appear to make your life hell. The runner may help more in this situation, but if you don’t have one use your best weapons and your ability to take down the beast.

Once the coast is clear head up the steps on the west side of the rock hill to reach the controls to the first turbines break. Hit the switch and the turbine will turn back on, blades spinning.

The second turbine is located southeast from your current position. This will take you further into the bandit encampment, so be prepared for the heated fight ahead. There is mostly loaded with bandit outlaws and killers, but expect a few tougher raiders and brutes to make your situation more difficult. Some of the bandits have taken to the roof. Be sure to take them out. They’re not particularly strong, but they can become a nuisance if not taken care of quickly. When you reach the turbine the controls will be on the other side of it up a small flight of steps leading to a platform. The objective marker will point the way to it. Hit the switch and another turbine is turned on.

The third and final one will be positioned slightly west of your location. If you didn’t kill all of the bandits on your crossing to the second turbine, you’ve likely killed most of them, making the trip to the last one slightly easier. The switch is in the middle of the bandit shanty town. You may have to contend with a few outlaws, bandits and a single raider, but the defenses are fairly light at this moment. When the area is clear walk up the steps and hit the switch.

Shep appreciates all the help returning the power to the Badlands and offers a nice reward for your troubles.


Experience: 3023

Money: $2329

Additional: Random rare shield

Image Credit: WN.com


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