[Strategy] Borderlands: Shep Sanders-The Mine Key Pt.1

With the rakk dead and the turbines turned back on, it’s time to head back to Zephyr Station to fulfill the last mission and your main objective: finding the mine key to Headstone Mine.

Head back south from Shep Sander’s location to Zephyr Station. Getting inside can either require you walking in without any trouble or another gun battle with the bandits. These two scenarios depend on how quickly you head back to the station after finishing up the “Braking Wind” quest. Heading back immediately will make getting inside a breeze while turning off the game to come back later will bring back every enemy. If the latter happens to you simply follow the same tactics for getting into the area from braking wind.

Take a runner and follow the trail around the right side of the station. Wipe out all of the skags along the road leading to the station. This will keep them from harassing you while taking out the bandits. After the skags are done with start taking on the bandits around the outside of the station. Go from the right side of the station to the left side of the station, so you can sweep them all from the area. One Badass character may appear when attacking the right side. Your other threat will come from above by two raiders on top of the station. Take them out quickly so they no longer pelt you with annoying shots.

Go around to the left side of the station to finish off the rest of the bandits and you’ll be left alone to find the key. However, once you go inside the station instead of a key there is a note on the table (from Sledge of course). Turns out he took it to the Arid Hills to one of his secret hide outs. Looks we’ll need to pay his friends a visit.


Experience: 1446



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