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[Strategy] Borderlands: Shep Sanders-Braking Wind

Time to make more moves on the Zephyr Substation. However, you won’t be going after the Mine Key. Shep needs you turn the power supply in the substation back on. It seems the bandits who took over turned on the emergency breaks to the turbines, cutting off power to much of the Arid Badlands. Since your a seasoned bandit killer this job is well suited.

Head south from Shep’s shack and then drive off the main road south-southwest following the trail. You’ll come across the turbine on your left positioned on top of a hill of rock. There is also several skag nests along the road near the hill. Use your runner to run the lot of them. If you’re on foot use standard run and gun tactics to kill them. Be wary though; a random Badass skag may appear to make your life hell. The runner may help more in this situation, but if you don’t have one use your best weapons and your ability to take down the beast.

Once the coast is clear head up the steps on the west side of the rock hill to reach the controls to the first turbines break. Hit the switch and the turbine will turn back on, blades spinning.

The second turbine is located southeast from your current position. This will take you further into the bandit encampment, so be prepared for the heated fight ahead. There is mostly loaded with bandit outlaws and killers, but expect a few tougher raiders and brutes to make your situation more difficult. Some of the bandits have taken to the roof. Be sure to take them out. They’re not particularly strong, but they can become a nuisance if not taken care of quickly. When you reach the turbine the controls will be on the other side of it up a small flight of steps leading to a platform. The objective marker will point the way to it. Hit the switch and another turbine is turned on.

The third and final one will be positioned slightly west of your location. If you didn’t kill all of the bandits on your crossing to the second turbine, you’ve likely killed most of them, making the trip to the last one slightly easier. The switch is in the middle of the bandit shanty town. You may have to contend with a few outlaws, bandits and a single raider, but the defenses are fairly light at this moment. When the area is clear walk up the steps and hit the switch.

Shep appreciates all the help returning the power to the Badlands and offers a nice reward for your troubles.


Experience: 3023

Money: $2329

Additional: Random rare shield

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[Strategy] Borderlands: T.K.’s Food

T.K greets you with a shotgun to your face. Don’t worry he’s not going to shoot you with it; he’s only joking. Despite his rather aggressive sense of humor he’s going to become your main lead to Nine-Toes. But first you’re going to have do him a favor. Skags have broken into his food supplies, so you’ll need to hunt down the remainder of what those hounds took.

You’ll find the first of the stolen food in front of several skag nests. Kill the skags that attack you and follow the marker to find T.K.’s food.
The second bit of food is only a few steps away next to one of Pandora’s cactus looking plants (tall with black and pink coloring).

The third and fourth are next to an even larger group of skag nests. Killing the skags won’t be quite as easy this time. Among the skag pups will be skag whelps. Use your best gun and if you’re at level five put your new found abilities to use. Pick up the food after you put the pooches down.

Return to T.K. and enjoy the spoils of your fight.


Money: $313

Experience: 480

[Strategy Guide] Borderlands: Firepower-Market Connections

After finding out the bandits have been stockpiling ammo Marcus ultimate has you locate and destroy them.

Head back to the Rust Commons West area. After entering the area from New Haven, you’ll want to head north and take the right path leading east. When you come to the end of the path head northeast across the river to reach the bandit shanty town in the middle of the map, holding all of the ammo dumps.

Head in their guns ablazing or however you see fit for your character. The first ammo dump can be found on the eastern most side of the town. Blast it to destroy your first dump.

The second on can be found on top of the building where a nasty Bandit Raider will attempt to pin you down. Fight your way up and destroy that ammo dump.

You find numbers three and four on the first floor of the southernmost building in the shanty town destroy them to help out Marcus cover up his mistakes.

The final two are located on the cliff overlooking the whole complex. But there’s a Badass Bruiser waiting for behind the nearby garage door, so prepare for one hell of a fight.

Return to Marcus for hefty monetary reward and special SMG.

[Strategy Guide] Max Payne 3-Chapter I Golden Gun Parts

The first levels golden gun is the PT92, Max’s old reliable. Here’s how to make him even more loyal.

Golden Part #1 Location:

The first part is located outside the entrance to the living room where you have your first encounter. It will be located in between the twin doors and the elevator om the opposite side of the entrance.

Golden Part #2 Location:

Head into the apartment and you’ll find this part located behind the fire place in the living room.

Golden Part #3 Location:

This part is tucked away in the garage. After getting through the first gate the part will be in the corner in parking space B01.

Now, you can fill bad guys with a 21-round clip along with more power behind each bullet. Congrats!

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A Lack In Posting

Dear Readers (though I may not have many yet),

I apologize for the lack of posting, but I’ve been quite busy with job searching and just as busy with the one I have now. This has driven me into a bit of a funk as well.

But enough with the excuses. I’ll be posting new stuff this afternoon along with some articles I’ve written for the small website I work for, Non-Fiction Gaming. I’ll also be cross promoting the my work on both sites soon so you’ll be able to find both very easily.

Stay tuned there will plenty more news,reviews and strategy guides to come to sate your gaming hunger.

-Steve K

Dragon Crown Still Coming To America

There is nothing worse than an interesting game being thrown into the cancellation pile. Thankfully the anticipated PS3 game Dragon’s Crown has been saved fro this terrible fate. Publisher Atlus has offered it’s assistance to make sure that the game will still become a reality.

Dragon’s Crown’s is another 2D action/RPG brawler. You can choose different classes and join up with some friends to kill some monsters access some loot. A game worth keeping around indeed.

Release dates and further gameplay specifics are still unknown, but at least we know it is still going to exist.



Dragon’s Dogma Skill Videos Are Pretty Badass

I’ve been skeptical of Dragon’s Dogma ever since it was announced. This isn’t exactly the open world RPG isn’t a very common sight amongst Japanese video games, not to mention developer Capcom’s lack of experience with said genre.

But judging by the new skill videos posted at Capcom’s blog, Capcom Unity, the combat is looking to be incredibly unique for each class. The fighter’s skewer skill delivers a barrage of stabs to an opponent, the sorcerer can summon a massive maelstrom to envelope enemies and while the strider (an archer) fires a mass volley of arrows straight into the air only to have them rain down on to a hapless enemy. But if you want all around badassery, the ranger’s Flying Din skill fires an arrow that explodes on contact with the target, while also affecting enemies in the surrounding area as projectiles spray out after the explosion.

This game has finally caught my eye and is starting to show some of its potential. It may even prove positive for Japan’s experimentation with western game mechanics. Follow the link below to Capcom’s blog if you’re still not a believer.

Resident Evil Now Drops In October, New Trailer Fleshes Out Story

Being hunted down by the undead and vicious mutants as they creep closer towards you is a generally unpleasant experience for most people. But Resident Evil 6 will now be clawing it’s way to us on October 6, making me anticipate all of those undead freaks coming our way.

In addition to the new release date, Capcom has also posted a new trailer, clearing up some of the more foggy story issues. Is Sherry Birkin the new girl? How does every character’s story intertwine with one another? Wesker has a SON!?? Who laid down with him to take his super human seed? Check out the video below and found out for yourselves my friends.

(Sorry about the subtitles; it was the only video I could find that would give me access without age verification.)


[LVIToHeathrowGaming YouTube page]

Assasssin’s Creed Is Coming To America

Yesterday, Game Informer posted their April issue cover, giving us the first glimpse of Assassin’s Creed 3 and the new ancestor assassin’s boots we’ll be filling. This time the game we’ll be coming to America and set during the Revolutionary War.

And you know what that means? It’s time start speculating! Is this new assassin a Native American? Will we meet with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Will Ben Franklin be providing us with new equipment and inventions? I see the glider being replaced by a massive kite (watch for lightning). And every assassin could use a Franklin stove to keep warm on those cold New England nights. We’ll find out once get our hands on the new issue and more information continues to come out.

Skyrim Review-Epic…Enough Said

My day starts normally in my house Breezehome, which is situated in the city hold of Whiterun. I leave my home and head down to the local blacksmith. I quickly craft an absurd amount iron daggers in order to improve my smithy skills. I sell them off one by one to the blacksmith, buy more arrows and check out if they have any good weapons in at the time. After buying some goods at the trade store, I head to the city gates. I step out and the wide plains of Skyrim stretch out in front of me where my next quest awaits.

Skyrim has allowed me to build and become the professional hero I’ve always wanted to be in an RPG. Exploring vast dungeons, finding rare items, buying your own home and fighting ruthless dragons makes me feel more like I’ve become a freelance adventurer than just a legendary hero. You truly feel as if you have left your mark on Skyrim after everything you accomplish. The land itself becomes its own character and exploring every inch of it is well worth the effort.

In an effort to separate Skyrim from the other lands Bethesda has created a rugged, but gorgeous landscape. Rolling plains, barren tundra, vast woods and towering mountains dot the rugged terrain of Skyrim. Bethesda’s use of textures brings life to these natural settings. Water effects aren’t exactly perfect, but it still fits perfectly into the surrounding environment without being glaringly out of place. Even the dungeons and ruins have their own identity with the amount of detail put into each one. Ruins show their history with moss covered stones and broken foundations. Caves are labyrinths of stone and vine inhabited by angry bandits or the even more agitated frost troll. And no two dungeons are the same providing the player with a unique experience every time.

There are indeed bugs still, even with all of the patches, but I mostly never found any complaints with them. I found most of them to be highly entertaining and worth coming across.

Combat is far more aggressive brutal this time thanks to the improved animations. Blood spurts, swords and shields clash together and arrows whistle through the air, typically ending with a hard THWACK! as it impales itself into your target. Enemy difficulty varies at times mostly offering a fair challenge for all players. However, some enemies aren’t fairly balanced. As epic as some dragon fights are, figuring out their weaknesses comes quickly and soon you’ll find run-ins with bears and sabre cats far more daunting.

The addition of shouts is adds a new layer to the combat system. It allows you to pull of feats as breathing fire or frost, disarming enemies and unleashing a wave of pure force can give you an immense leg-up in combat. While they’re fun to use it does make battling enemies a little too easy making you more of an over powered tank instead.

The story is engrossing (as are most Elder Scrolls games) and epic in scope. The return of the dragons and their dreaded leader Alduin has caused fear and confusion in Skyrim as the beasts ravage the land. As expected it’s your job as the Dragonborn to kill Alduin and save the world. While this fits the games epic scope, the dialogue comes off dry and emotionless most of the time. Even your sacred teachers the Greybeards become mostly ignorable about half way through your quest. I felt very little attachment to most of the characters in the story.

All and all the issues I have can barely even be called nuisances with the overwhelming amount of things Bethesda decided to do right with this game. If you haven’t already taken part in the experience that is Skyrim I highly recommend strapping on your armor and beginning your adventure by picking up this game. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some vampires to clear out of Shriekwind Bastion and remember: watch the skies traveler.