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Maxis Shows Off New Glassbox Game Engine For SimCity

I remember the first time I played a SimCity game and having the opportunity of exploring every aspect an ever growing metropolis. Granted, I wasn’t always particularly good at it, I had still had a blast setting up some fairly mediocre, normal cities, or take a less peaceful route, unleashing terrible disasters on my citizens and destroying my city. With a new SimCity on the horizon of 2013 Maxis is finally releasing a few trailers showing some of the games new mechanics.

Just today they released the first trailer of their new Glassbox Simulation Engine. The engine allows for buildings, which are referred to as “simulation units”, actively creating beginnings and outcomes for gathering or using resources. Pedestrians and vehicles referred to as “agents” transport resources to other locations. The engine is expected to be able ” to put out tens of thousands of these agents”. You just as confused as I am? Well, to help you better understand it I’ve attached the link to the video below. Even if it doesn’t fully help you understand it, seeing it in action will still make much more sense.

Needless to say this has me excited after such a long wait.